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Saffola Total Review | Best Antioxidant Rich Cooking Oil

In our everyday cooking oil is one of the most essentials among everything. Even if you go for a healthy diet you can't give up completely on oil as you definitely need it for a healthier and balanced system. A hunt had been going on in our home, in search of the best oil that will benefit health provide nutrients, and one that will not cause any adverse effects on health. And my husband who has been a health freak was concerned more about anti-oxidants the oil could provide, so we finally decided to settle on using olive oil. But now, I was recently contacted to review about Saffola total and was awed to find that the oil was much better than the olive oil that we use regularly. When analyzing more we found it to be much benefiting and met many of our needs, so here is a short review about this wonderful product.

Why Saffola Total ?
Saffola had double the antioxidant power when compared to olive oil. Saffola oil is a blend of Rice bran oil and Safflower seed oil in a ratio of 70:30 and so it has goodness of both the oil in same. Safflower oil is known to promote cardiovascular health and so does Rice bran oil, also Rice bran is an abundant source of anti-oxidants. The other fact I like is its lower absorption power, which is of high importance to me be it breakfast, or lunch or snack-time or dinner we definitely include so much of oil in our cooking, sometimes its just unavoidable!! And isn't this factor a highly important one? Lets get an insight into these. 

70 % Rice Bran Oil + 30 % Safflower Seed Oil = Saffola Total Oil
Safflower oil health benefits Safflower seed oil prevents heart disease like atherosclerosis and stroke. It has properties to cure and treat cough & fever, tumors, breathing issues, clotting and traumatic injuries. 

Rice bran oil health benefits - Rice bran helps to boost immune system, treat diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, checks obesity, prevents stomach and colon cancer, prevents cardiovascular diseases, and is rich in antioxidants.

So now you can guess how a synergistic blend of these two would benefit you health-wise!!

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Antioxidants - To know about antioxidants you must definitely know about free radicals. The human body naturally produces harmful free radicals during any process like during conversion of food into energy, etc which can cause adverse effect on body when released in abundance. The human body also produces antioxidants along with free radicals and a balance of these free radicals and antioxidants is needed to counteract their effects on health. But in many cases more amount of free radicals are released than antioxidants and there comes an imbalance which will cause cell damage thereby impacting health. Hence an external supply or a diet source rich in antioxidants becomes completely necessary. This Saffola oil gives you double the amount of antioxidants that olive oil can render and so you have a good external supplier of antioxidants now. When your intake of antioxidant increases, your body gets help to protect against heart problems by prevent in clogging of arteries / blockage of arteries and helps in keeping your arteries healthy, eye problems, memory problems, mood disorders, improves immune response etc. Also in most of our Indian cooking, we tend to heat oil to a higher temperature, in such cases the formation of free radicals are accelerated, but when we use Saffola the anti-oxidants present in them counteracts or reduces the formation of these harmful free radicals. 

Low Absorption Factor - Saffola Total has the added advantage of Losorb Technology. i.e Saffola Total has up to 10 % lower absorption capacity as compared to other oils meaning it gets absorbed 10% less than olive oil. This Losorb technology ensures that a very little oil is absorbed during the preparation of food items. Based on external lab studies on sunflower oil, soybean, canola (Saffola Total has shown 18% Lower Absorption over soybean, 16% Lower Absorption over sunflower, 20% Lower Absorption over canola). As I already said this will be the best for our Indian style cooking as we do include a lot of deep fried food in our almost everyday menu. Be it making a poori, vada or frying a simple papad we definitely need this kinda oil that helps absorb oil very less. So I give a double appreciation here. 

Multi seed technology - Saffola Total also gives you the benefits of Multi seed technology, a technology that combines the goodness of two oils rice bran oil and Safflower seed oil in one. Multi-seed is said to be better than single seed oil. The National Institute of Nutrition also recommends this as it helps in the optimum intake of all kinds of fatty acids. So a dual benefit! 

While quantity of oil used is important, the quality of oil is equally important. Saffola total is a new oil form which is much more potent than olive oils in terms of antioxidants.and is widely recommended by leading Nutritionists across the country. While Saffola Total has high anti-oxidant potential, it has various other benefits which work at 3 ends.  Also I should mention the availability of Saffola, it is widely available than most oils, in my own experience I never get the same brand of olive oil every time I go grocery shopping and I end up trying new brands without any idea about them. But with Saffola I do not have these issues, I can easily jot them out in markets and also the brand is reliable. Saffola Total is a unique oil with all these benefits and a definite one to go for when you are health concerned. 

The potency of multiple technologies make Saffola Total one of the best oils in the country for heart care for you and your entire family. This best suits our Indian cooking and is far more easily available than most oils in our Indian markets. So why not try today? 

Switch to Saffola Total, Cook Healthy, Eat Satisfactorily and Stay Fit!! 


  1. Very beautifully written review about Saffola Loved the way you have brought out the advantages of the Oil. I have been using Saffola since I don't know when and I love it. :)

  2. Saffola....once our fav brand of oil. Great review.

  3. Nice review!
    I have a query. During winter, the oil becomes thicker unlike olive, sunflower and mustard oil. Is it normal with rice bran oil? I too use Saffola Rice Bran Oil but I found that it changes its texture during winter.


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