Tuesday 24 June 2014

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Mangoes are in season and its the best time for mango lovers to satisfy their greed anyway. I am a mango devotee and I adore it in all ways, varieties, its color, the smell, the flavor and the whole bunch of health benefits. My quickest way of satisfying my mango yearning, is preparing and devouring mango milkshake and also gulping down mango lemonade. Of course eating them right away without cooking or processing is the quickest, but relishing them along with different flavors once in a while, is an added excitement. Here is a mango lemonade with quality combos, that has refreshment filled in every sip. While guzzling down this drink you will notice sparkling flavors that will enlighten you in many ways. The trio; mango, lemon and mint not only makes a refreshing drink but is healthier too. All three ingredients used here; Lemons, Mint and Mangoes contain Vitamin C that benefits the immune system in many ways and these are good for your skin too..!! Still, you may worry about the heat that mangoes can cause, but I guess the cooling effects of lemon and mint might combat it. If possible use fresh mangoes and fresh lemons to avail the best out of them. Now lets see how to make this simple summer drink. 

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Makes drink for 2
Total Preparation Time - 3 minutes
  1. Mango - 4 pieces (1/2 of a medium sized mango)
  2. Lemon - 1/2 of a lemon 
  3. Mint leaves - 8 to 10 leaves 
  4. Sugar - 4 tablespoons 
  5. Chilled Water - 400 ml 


  • Squeeze lemon and extract juice. Discard any seeds found. 
  • Mix water and sugar well until sugar gets dissolved. 
  • To a blender add all the ingredients along with lemon juice, sugar water and blend well. 
  • Taste and adjust sweetness and add more lemon or mangoes if you want to. (But keep in mind that adding too many mangoes will make the drink thicker; you can strain the juice and serve if you wish)


TIP 1: If your mangoes aren't sweet enough add some extra sugar. Also if your mangoes are sour reduce the addition of lemon juice to adjust the tartness. Always taste and customise the drink accordingly before serving. 

TIP 2: Use any mango kind; Skip mint leaves if you wish, the drink will still taste awesome. 

TIP 3: Ice-cubes will dilute the drink, so use chilled (refrigerated) water. 

TIP 4: Instead of adding sugar directly to the drink make a syrup of it and then add it to the lemonade, this will ensure that all sugar has dissolved well and will even taste better. To make sugar syrup; place a saucepan with 1/4 cup of water on flame, add 5 tablespoons sugar stir well; when the sugar dissolves and syrup becomes slightly sticky remove from flame; strain and cool at room temperature. Then use as needed. You can use this sugar syrup in all kinds of lemonades.

TIP 5: I did not want to waste the good fibre present in mangoes, so I did not strain the juice, but you can strain and serve if you wish. 


  1. Best summer drink! Beautiful clicks too.

  2. Wow Divya.. the photos look just awesome !! Very refreshing drink and excellent presentation !

  3. so refreshing.. Pics are so amazing

  4. pictures are too!! good and yummy drink...

  5. Awesome pics Divya u are making me thirsty! let me pin it to my drinks.

  6. wow looks so refreshing sis :) wonderful bright yellow colour so attractive too. Mint and mango is a new combination to me.

  7. How absolutely delicious does this sound?! I'll definitely be giving this a try very soon. Thanks!! : )


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