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Mango Agar Agar Pudding | Mango Jelly using Agar Agar | Eggless Mango Pudding | Mango Pudding Using China Grass

Earlier this year, as a valentine's day special, I had posted rose agar-agar pudding recipe for which I received positive feedbacks and comments. Now here is a similar pudding prepared with king of fruits "the mangoes" that's gonna enlighten dessert lovers similarly. Agar-agar, the vegetarian gelatin substitute, has a whole lot of health benefits, the best being its calorie free nature. It is rich in fibre, has no fat and hence makes a dessert fit for dieting, just skip sugar and use any low calorie sweetener to prepare a healthier dessert. Some recipes ask for soaking agar agar prior to use, but I have tried even without soaking and it works fine. Just boil in water until it gets dissolved well and use. Don't worry if you haven't tried using agar agar, once you get used to it you will love working with this wondrous ingredient for sure. You can never go wrong when you add the right amount of ingredients. For mango lovers this is definitely going to be a treat, just make sure that you use ripe mangoes for best flavors. 


  1. Mango pulp from 2 mangoes - weighed 235 gms
  2. Milk - 200 ml
  3. Vanilla essence - 1/2 tsp  
  4. Sugar - 75 grams
  5. Agar Agar stips- 5 grams 


  • Puree the mango pulp using a blender and set aside. 
  • Cut agar agar strips into smaller pieces using scissors and wash well in water. 
  • Now take a saucepan and add 150 ml of water and add agar agar strips into it. Place on flame and stir frequently. Wait patiently until the strips dissolve well and turn into a syrup. 
  • Meanwhile place a wide pan on flame add mango puree and sugar stir well for on low flame until sugar dissolves well. Then pour milk into it and stir. 
  • Add vanilla essence and mix well. 
  • Now add the agar agar syrup into this mango mixture and stir well. 
  • Remove from flame and pour it into moulds or any serving glasses, refrigerate until it sets well and serve. It will even set in room temperature. 

TIP 1: Measure agar agar properly and use, if you add agar agar in excess the jelly will be firmer.

TIP 2: Never add mango puree to hot milk without it will get curdled and chances are high when the mangoes are sour.

TIP 3: You can skip vanilla essence and add cardamom pods instead.

TIP 4: Add cream instead of milk to make Mango Panna cotta.

TIP 5: You can also add some chopped mango chunks, nuts and make the dish even more interesting. 

TIP 6: Agar agar will dissolve very well when boiled with water, but it might turn solid or jelly like when the syrup cools down, in that case just reheat it and it will melt again. This jelly will set well in room temperature within hours and refrigeration is not actually necessary. 


  1. colorful vibrant pudding aks

  2. Delicious agar agar mango pudding

  3. such nice pictures.. and colorfully cool

  4. I love this version too so tempting

  5. Beautifully done pudding, I love using agar agar it makes the dessert so light and melt in the mouth na. Lovely clicks sis.

  6. I love agar agar.. such a handy thing to make simple desserts.

  7. I love agar agar pudding a lot and this mango flavored pudding is killing me , want them now :) Lovely presentation dear !!

  8. yumm.. yumm.. mouthwatering pudding


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