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Trying to shed some weight and looking for a recipe to aid your diet? Here's a simple roti recipe that can give you a hand and it super easy to prepare with the perfect diet supporting duo "Oats & Wheat". Oats is rich in fiber that helps lower cholesterol and is such an easy to handle ingredient, hence is one of the best known among diet-friendly ingredients. Wheat does have fiber too but is relatively low when compared to oats, so combining the two will give you a fiber loaded recipe that will help you shed weight much faster. Also this roti will have enough protein to help you stay full much longer. Including oats in your diet benefits you in many ways and this is one good and easy way to bring oats into your menu. This oats chapati, a zero oil recipe, will be super soft just like phulkas and you will definitely enjoy devouring these. So here's how to prepare a simple, yet soft and healthy oats roti/oats chapati. Serve for breakfast or lunch or dinner, with curries of your choice or just with some dal and curd (low fat if you prefer).  

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Makes 3 to 5 chapatis depending on the size
Total Preparation Time - 30 to 40 minutes 
  1. Wheat flour - 3 handsful 
  2. Oats - 1 handful (i.e. wheat : oats ratio will be 3:1 (or) 1.5) 
  3. Salt - As needed (or 1/2 tsp) 
  4. Hot water - As needed (not boiling/smoking hot; just a little above bearable heat)


  • Take a wide bowl and add flour, oats and salt. Mix well with your fingers or a whisk. 
  • Then pour a few tablespoons of hot water and rub well using your fingers. 
  • Add water gradually and mix well until you get a single mass of slightly sticky dough. Dust some more flour and knead well into a pliable dough. See that it is not rough or hard, it should be soft. Knead well for a few more minutes with your knuckles and cover the bowl with a lid and leave aside for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time availability. (the longer you leave the dough to rest, the softer your rotis will be) 
  • Then after the aforementioned time, take the dough out again and knead it well; dust some flour if the dough seems sticky. 
  • Separate them into 3 or 4 balls and smoothen them by rolling between your palms. 
  • Now dust some flour on a pastry board or chapati board and place one ball over it, flatten gently and roll into rotis using a rolling pin. The rotis should not be too thin not too thick. 
  • Do the same with the rest of the balls. (Do not stack the flattened rotis one over the other as it may stick)
  • Then place a tawa or pan on flame and wait until it heats up well. Now place the roti on it and cook on high flame until you can see some brown spots. Flip the roti using a flat ladle or spatula and cook until brown spots appear. Remove from pan and place the roti over direct flame and they will puff up just like phulkas. (you can show both the sides or one side will do; I prefer both sides) 
  • Remove from flame and place inside a hot pack or a roti casserole. 

TIP 1: Never cook rotis on low flame for a long time as it can turn out hard or rubbery. Cook both sides of the roti/chapati on high flame for a few seconds each and remove from flame. This is one basic tip to get softer chapatis. And using warm / hot water can get you softer rotis. 

TIP 2: You can add more oats (i.e. in ratio 2:1) but it will not be as soft as this one. You can skip the addition of oats and make normal chapatis/phulkas too. The procedure is the same. 

TIP 3: Showing the rotis on direct flame is optional. It adds a good flavor to the rotis.

TIP 4: If you are not worried about some extra calories, just spread some ghee over the rotis after you remove them from flame. It will taste too good and will have a nice aroma.


Soft and healthy rotis/chapatis are now ready!! Serve with dal or curries and some curd and enjoy!!

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  1. Nice try Divya. Loved the red BG too. Enhances the nutritious lok of the Rotis

  2. wow such a healthy roti dear

  3. Just starting to control my very unhealthy eating habits, this has come at the right time for me. Thanks Divya.

  4. Good idea divya. Will it taste like regular chapati?

    1. Yeah Swetha it will infact not even taste oat-y :) Will be like the regular chapatis!

  5. Super soft oats pulka divy... these are my foods nowadays...

  6. healthy chapathi.. perfect for dieting.. looks so soft

  7. Thanks for the recipe. I have no weight problem and am very active so a carby snack with my dhal is a treat. I load up my chapattis with butter from cows fed on grass as per the paleo dieticians. However if you are trying to loose weight you need to reduce the carbs like wheat, sugar, fruit and even oats. Whatever you do don´t cut the good fats from your diet. Gary Taubes book Good Fat Bad Fat explains it all. Good luck to all you health aspirants and thanks again for the yummy recipe.

  8. Does the oat need to be powdered before kneading?

    1. No @mahwish you don't have to! Simply add oats directly.

    2. Thanks a lot . I will definitely try this one :)

  9. Does thE oat need to be powdered before kneading?


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