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TTK's Good Home Vegetable & Fruit Wash Product Review

I have been using a lot of products in my kitchen and only a few have impressed me, lately have added ttk's good home vegetable and fruit wash product in this list too. Fruits and vegetables are being consumed everyday in almost every homes and we sure know that washing in normal water alone does not make it clean, we need something extra to get rid of all those unseen  microbes and dirt. I always scrape off the skin or peel it off to remove the dirt and microbes on it, although I know that skin of fruits and vegetables have more goodness in them when compared to the rest. So when I was sent a vegetable & fruit wash to be reviewed I was super excited as I knew I would not have the need to scrape off the healthy skin of fruits and veggies and was glad that someone had thought of bringing up a solution to this. I've been using it for weeks from then, so did the product meet my expectations? Should you go for the product? Read more to find out. 

What is this product?
This is a cleansing agent kinda wash having natural tulsi extract; It is used to remove bacteria, fungus and dirt from vegetables, and fruits. 

How do I use it? 
  1. Just take a wide bowl big enough to hold all the vegetables or fruits, pour enough water into it. The ratio will be 10 ml of liquid wash for 1 liter of water; so add accordingly. 
  2. Then pour the vegetable and fruit wash and mix well. See that you add enough water to cover the vegetables, else some part of the fruits/veggies may not get soaked. Soak the veggies and fruits in it for 3 minutes. 
  3. Finally rinse well with fresh water.  
Pictorial of how to use vegetable and fruit wash

Can I use it for washing meat?

NO!! Nowhere have they mentioned it, obviously the product name mentions on what it should be used. Meat has different microbes and many of them cannot be killed just by soaking, washing and rinsing. 

Does this vegetable and fruit wash remove wax on fruits and vegetables?

NO!!! Definitely not. They haven't mentioned it anywhere. I tried it on apples coated with wax and it did not work. Obviously it is not any solvent or acid to remove or melt wax, its just a liquid solution that claims to remove dirt and microbes. 

Is it safe? 
YES it its.!!! It has natural tulsi extract and helps to remove the microorganisms effectively from the fruits and vegetables. Since its the natural extract it is safe for consumption after cleaning. But there's an extra ingredient "Chlorhexidine Gluconate" an antimicrobial agent which is definitely not any natural extract, I am not sure how far it is safe but after diluting the vegetable wash in water, the levels of this ingredient might become low to cause any harm, I assume. 

Isn't normal water enough? 
It depends, if you are cooking the vegetable/fruit you can just wash it and the microbes will /may be killed by the heat while cooking, but if you wanna consume the fruits and vegetables raw I would strongly recommend that you use this vegetable and fruit wash to remove the microbes, definitely normal water isn't going to get rid of them. There are microbes that can resist high temperatures too but i'm not sure whether this product can get rid of such organisms and for that one will need a lab to prove it. But tulsi acts as an antimicrobial (antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral too) against most microbes so it is definitely trustable. I was quite curious about differentiating the difference between washing vegetables with normal water wash and vegetable & fruit wash, So here's a simple demonstration that showed that the product is much more effective than plain water. I washed the same kind and amount of vegetables both in normal water and water mixed with this liquid wash and here are the results. 

Vegetable and Fruit Wash Vs Normal Water 
I was clearly able to find the difference; you can spot it too. I found that too much of dirt settled down in bowl with this vegetable and fruit wash whereas the normal water bowl had lesser residue. I repeated this simple experiment and got the same results all the time. 
Leftover water after washing vegetables
1st pic - used vegetable & fruit wash product
2nd pic - used only plain water

I used it to wash fruits also

Here's a pic where I have used the liquid to wash grapes. 


Does it completely remove microbes and dirt?
I guess not!! The pack clearly notifies that 95% of bacteria and fungus will be removed. Also on the back of the pack there is a note that says results vary depending on the nature of vegetable, microbial load and quality of the water used. So the answer to the above question is "IT DEPENDS" so there is not much of assurance here. 

Features / Characteristics

  • Consistency & Solubility - Very watery; easily soluble in water. 
  • Texture - Not soapy, so easy to clean off
  • Smell - Has a leafy smell but not pungent so there'll be no traces of the liquid's smell on fruits/vegetables after washing. 


  1. Removes dirt effectively and much more effective when compared to normal water rinsing. 
  2. Natural tulsi extract makes the product much more safer and consumable. 
  3. No residue or smell can be traced on the veggies or fruits. 
  4. Very easy to use. No extra efforts needed and 3 minutes job isn't gonna steal much of your time.
  5. Cost is quite reasonable. You can use it (approximately) 50 times and it costs you just 2 rupees for each wash.  

  1. It is too watery and can get easily spilled. Also you don't have means to measure the liquid so while pouring you might overdo it easily. 
  2. Good home claims that 95% of bacteria and fungus can be removed so no assurance that your vegetables/fruits are completely clean and microbes free.  
  3. Does not remove wax coat on fruits and vegetables. Wax coating has been the major threat for people these days as it poses too much of health risks. If this wash had done this job this it would have been the top most product of the year for sure. 
  4. No information on whether it can be used on cut vegetables and fruits. 
  5. Cannot be used on meat which is much needed. I do believe that meat gets more contaminated than vegetables and fruits. 
  6. I found that the product was not available in certain supermarkets. 


  1. Safety - 4/5 
  2. Package - 4/5 
  3. Usability - 4/5 
  4. Cost - 4/5 
  5. Quality - 4/5 
Overall Rating - 4/5 

Personal views

Did it meet my expectations? yes to an extent, but I am not given complete assurance that the vegetables and fruits will be completely clean or microbe free and am so disappointed here. But still, I found the product useful and am satisfied in other ways. It has been very effective in getting rid of dirt and so I prefer this over normal water wash. My only suggestion is to use this wash before cooking or consuming, if you stock up the washed vegetables and fruits for hours after washing you must clean it or rinse again before use; as the environment can encourage microbial growth and attract dirt. I have been using the product for a few weeks and have posted thoughts based on my personal reviews. If you've been using this product share your user experience and thoughts with us so that we it will be useful to readers. 

Yes this is indeed a good product, that helps you get rid of those microbes that can risk your well being. Prevention is better than cure, am sure none would be interested in risking their lives, so better go fetch the product from your nearby stores and do input your thoughts too. 

Finally some fun with tomatoes & canon ;)

Hope you liked the review. Drop a comment and let me know your views too. 


  1. wow divya wonderful review :) and awesome captures loving the water splashes a lot !!

  2. Nice review, would definitely love to use this in my kitchen too. and wonderful clicks.. super!

  3. Beautifully done review sis :) love all those splash water shots, no one can review like u..

  4. Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) is a potent anti-microbial that is used in hospital-based external disinfecting solutions such as pre-surgical hand washes and surgical site prep liquids. It is not supposed to be ingested. Given that some CHG will remain on the vegetables and fruits after washing, you should avoid using this product. Speak with your doctor to be sure.


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