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Only a few blessed women have kids who eat whatever is there on their plate. My baby isn't that grown up and I haven't had experiences feeding a kid; but I've seen women and friends in my neighbourhood running behind kids to get them eat their food. Watching might seem funny but I think there's much frustration behind the scene. Anyways one day my baby is going to grow up and I pray that I do not experience such difficulty while feeding her, she has already shown a glimpse of how fussy she will be :( While such thoughts were raCing about in my mind, I received a mail co-incidentally from a reader stating how much she and her kid loved the biscuit chocolate balls and biscuit pops recipe from my blog and how much she wanted such twist-filled fun to prepare tasty recipes to get her kid eat something (atleast). She also mentioned how her kid was enthusiastically helping her with the chores while making such delightful treats. So I came up with an idea to post fun filled yummy recipes for kids once in a while :) Thanks to her mail and encouragement.

Though these are delicious treats, I would not say that it is a healthy practice of feeding kids with too much of sugar loaded recipes but once in a while making a change in their routine platter will make them enjoy and look forward to their food. And for such a once-in-a-while treats, here comes a recipe filled with chocolate yumminess. "The Chocolate dosa and chocolate idlis" Comparatively the butter roasted crisp chocolate dosas are my favorite than the soft spongy chocolatey idlis. Drizzle some condensed milk and just enjoy the sinful treat. Do not make this regularly for kids as it is loaded with sugar, you can replace sugar with honey or some palm jaggery if you are health conscious. I have not experimented with the sugar replacements but will be updating about it soon. 


Makes 3 to 4 idlis (or) 3 dosas
  1. Unsweetened cocoa powder - 2 tablespoons (reduce if you don't want it too chocolatey)
  2. Idli batter - 5 ladlesful (see that the batter is not runny or sour)
  3. Sugar - 2 tablespoons 
  4. Condensed milk - 2 tablespoons (I used Milkmaid)
  5. Vanilla essence - 1/2 tsp (or) Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
  6. Butter - As needed (for dosas only) 
  7. Corn flour - 2 teaspoons  (optional; use if your batter turns too runny)
  8. Salt - 2 pinches (add only if your batter doesn't have salt or you can even skip salt completely)


To make chocolate dosas: 

  • Take idli batter in a bowl and add all ingredients except butter and mix well. 
  • Place a dosa pan on flame and brush some butter on it. (If using non-stick pan do not brush too much butter as it will be difficult to spread the dosa)
  • When the pan turns slightly hot, pour the batter and spread it in a circular way. Do not make it too thin as it will be difficult to flip the dosa. 
  • Drop some butter over the dosa and on the sides and flip it after a minute.
  • Then cook until dosa seems cooked and crisp. 
  • Remove from flame and serve. You can serve it plain or drizzle some condensed milk and serve. 
  • Do the same with the rest of the batter. 

To make chocolate idlis:
  • Take idli batter in a bowl and add all the ingredients except butter and mix well. Steam using idli pots. 
  • To steam idlis: I use the traditional idli pot for steaming. In which a cloth that will be wetted and placed over the idli moulds; then batter will be poured into it. This type of idli pan helps you in getting soft spongy idlis. (The moulds will have pores so you will have to use a cloth for these kind of pots)
  • If you have a pot like mine then follow the procedure. (If you are using moulds without cloth just grease moulds with little butter before pouring the batter)
  • Wet the cloth and place it over the idli pans.  Pour the prepared batter into the moulds. My idli pan has moulds that can hold nearly 2 ladleful of batter. Customise accordingly.
  • Meanwhile place the idli pot on a flame pour water into it. Then cover the pot with its lid and wait until water boils and there's steam. 
  • Then open the pot and place the idli pans into the hot pot carefully. Close again with the lid and cook on medium flame for 15 minutes or until your idlis get cooked well. (When you insert a wet knife into the center of the idlis it should come out clean, if it has batter sticking to it then steam for a few more minutes) 
  • Switch off the flame; open the pot and take the moulds out. Gently invert it over a big plate and the idlis will fall off along with the cloth stuck to it. Now wet the cloth with a little water and carefully peel it off from the idlis. Be cautious as the idlis will be very hot. (If using a normal idli pan without cloth dip a spoon into water and gently slide the wet spoon around the idlis to remove it from the pan)
  • Serve plain or drizzle some milkmaid or serve with jam. 


TIP 1: We use the same batter for idli and dosa so I used the same batter for preparing both the recipes. 

TIP 2: If your batter is too runny you will have difficulty making dosas, especially flipping dosas will be tedious. If so add some corn flour or maida and then proceed. 

TIP 3: You can replace melted dairy milk instead of cocoa powder and condensed milk, also check and add sugar ONLY if needed. 

TIP 4: You can use hot chocolate powder too but make sure you reduce the amount of sugar.

TIP 5: Too much of cocoa powder can make the dosa and idli bitter so add less according to your preferences. I like it that way, with a dash of bitterness but do change the measures according to your convenience.

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  1. How you are getting all these ideas divya .Fantastic pics and mouthwatering treat for kids .

  2. So chocolatey... what a great idea!!! The pictures are a visual treat!! I am sure kids will just love eating!!!

  3. Y this kolaveri, sooooooo tempting.

  4. Chocolate in idli and dosa too..Divya don't come near my house! just kidding... looks really pretty Divya.

  5. Yummy twist to regular dosa and idlis. Just luv it divya .....

  6. Oh my!! This is a perfect breakfast for me! Super yum!


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