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Appam, an authentic South Indian dish has been a favorite for many. But only a few gets to master the dish while others still stammer in making the perfect appams. The basic batter has been the trouble causer for beginners but personally I feel that its such an easy dish. Only a few tricks are to be followed to get the best appams. Still some may be reluctant to try the dish at home fearing the failed attempts. So here's an easy and quick version that can be prepared with very little effort. A no fail, "Dosa Batter Appam" where, there's no fuss involved and has that gorgeous golden crisp sides. Just some dosa batter and coconut milk or cow milk is enough to get the appams with crispy edges and a soft center. These are not similar in taste to the authentic ones, but they do taste good. The sides are crispier and the center remains soft similar to the authentic appam. I haven't used baking soda or any raising agents here but you can try adding some soda to make the center spongier.  Serve with sweetened milk (or coconut milk) or along with curries or stews and enjoy. I have used both milk and coconut milk in making the quick appams, from my experience the outcome does not differ much, but the appam with coconut milk tastes near to the regular ones. I personally love to have it with sweetened coconut milk. So now, what's your way of eating appam?


Makes 3 to 4 appams (depending on the size of appams and ladle volume)
  1. Dosa Batter - 2 ladlefuls (100 ml)
  2. Milk / Coconut milk - 1.5 ladlefuls (75 ml)
  3. Sugar - 1/2 tsp 
  4. Salt - 2 pinches (Add only if the batter does not have salt in it)
  5. Grated coconut - 1 tablespoon (add if using coconut milk; but its not really necessary)


  • Take a bowl and add dosa batter, milk, sugar, salt and mix well. The batter should be runny and thin but not watery. (just be careful while adding milk as it might dilute the batter too much)
  • Now place an appam pan on flame and wait until you can feel the warmth on your palm when placed about 20 cms over the pan. (I used a non-stick pan)
  • Then pour a ladleful of the batter in the center hold the pan and rotate to spread the batter well around. The batter should be thinner so that you can spread the appam well, you will also get crispy edges with a soft center. (I have made a simple video so that it'll be helpful for the beginners)
  • Now close the pan with its lid and wait for a few minutes. It might take just a few minutes say 3 to 4 minutes. 
  • Open lid and carefully remove appam from pan when the sides turn brown and the center seems well cooked. Be careful while removing the appam as the sides will be very crispy and will easily crumble down. So handle gently. 
  • Serve hot with milk or coconut milk and sugar. (You can slos serve with spicy curries or chutneys or sambal)

Check out this video to know how to swirl the appam. 

TIP 1: Coconut milk and cow milk does not make any difference in the texture of appams, but there will be a difference in taste and smell. Appams with coconut milk taste better than the cow milk appam. 

TIP 2: You can use baking soda so that the center becomes spongier. 

TIP 3: You can brush some oil before making appams if using a normal appa kadai or appa chatty. I used a non-stick appam pan so I didn't use oil here. 

TIP 4: The batter should not be thick, if its thick you won't be able to swirl or spread the batter well. Make it quite runny but not very fluidy. So adjust the addition of milk accordingly. 

TIP 5: Make sure your dosa batter is not too sour. If so add some extra sugar and prepare the recipe. 

TIP 6: If you do not want the sides to be very crispy just make an extra swirl and the sides will have some thickness and won't be very crumbly. 

TIP 7: Your appam batter will not spread properly and evenly if your pan is too hot, so always sprinkle some water before making appams and wipe with a cloth. If your pan is smoky hot then switch off the flame and pour some water wait until it cools down then proceed. This is one important step that you should always take care of. 

Easy to make appam is now ready !! Enjoy with your favourite side-dish or with sweetened coconut milk or milk!! Check out a spicy side-dish recipe (masi sambal) that we serve for appams here.


  1. multi purposed dosa batter divya :) appam has come crispy

  2. Lovely clicks of appam with coconut milk... one of my most favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner... ;) excellent video tutorial...

  3. woww woow wwooow Divya..cant get it any better. Appam from dosa ! am definitely going to try this out. ..thanks a bunch for sharing.


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