Thursday 18 September 2014

Grape Milkshake | Grape Shake

Sometimes all we need is some refreshing creamy drink to soothe the restless soul. I was literally craving some drink of that kind on a busy and tiring afternoon and all I found was a bunch of black muscat grapes inside the refrigerator. I wasn't sure how a grape milkshake would taste and I knew how the acid from grapes would churn the milk into curd, but then I had no other option.  I have already had experiences making citrus fruit shakes (check out my orange milkshake here) so I willingly gave a try with what I had at hand. Cold milk (really very cold) does not get curdled and that's the only tip I made use of.  To make it more creamier I used some fresh cream and the end result was too good. You can use ice-cream instead and enjoy the frothy smooth drink.

 black muscat grapes


Makes drink for two 
Total Preparation Time - 5 minutes
  1. Grapes - 100 grams (Reduce or increase as per your likeness)
  2. Chilled Milk - 250 ml (boiled and chilled) 
  3. Fresh cream - 100 ml (Chilled; I used low fat)
  4. Sugar - As required 


  • Wash grapes well in water. Drain off excess water and pick the berries alone.
  • Add them into a blender and blend for a few minutes. Sieve the seeds and discard them. Now add this grape puree, cold milk, chilled cream and powdered sugar into a blender and blend until the drink is smooth and creamy!!
  • Serve immediately. 

TIP 1: If you do not like the sharp taste you can boil the grapes until it turns soft then cool it down, make puree and use it in the shake. 

TIP 2: Use nicely cold milk to avoid curdling. Not even room temperature is okay here. 


  1. Grape milkshake looks wow..!!! With fresh cream I am sure it tasted rich and creamy!!! Wow clicks!

  2. Nice click Divy .... Good one....

  3. Haven't tried milkshake with grapes or milk based drink with grape, grape milkshake looks so creamy and delicious...beautiful captures divya, loved all ur pics!

  4. Have never tried grape milkshake, this looks delicious! Pictures are very tempting too! Lovey blog, happy to follow you!


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