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Lamb Brain 65 | Crispy Goat Brain Fry | Lamb Brain Fry | Aatu Moolai 65 | Goat Brain Pakodas

Do not know how many out there love goat brain recipes; most of my friends tend to have an aversion to it and some even call me a carnivore :P But mostly it is one among the staple sunday food for us; I guess it is the same in most homes of South Tamil Nadu. At home we either make the brain fry (moolai varuval) or the poriyal kind, or sometimes we just drop it into the aatu thala curry (lamb head curry). But this time I wanted to make something different so tried this one and it became an instant hit at home. If after preparing the dish, you have leftover masala just use them to fry any meat or vegetable or slice a boiled egg and use it up. For all those bored with any regular goat brain dish, try these crispy fried brain recipe, I bet you'll like it. 


Serves one person 
Total Preparation Time - 10 minutes
  1. Goat Brain - 1 (medium sized) 
  2. Maida / All purpose flour - 2 tablespoons
  3. Corn flour - 1 teaspoon 
  4. Sombu - 1/2 teaspoon 
  5. Cumin powder - 1/2 teaspoon
  6. Red chilli powder - 2 teaspoons
  7. Ginger-Garlic paste  - 1 teaspoon (I crushed and used one garlic clove and 1 inch small piece of ginger)
  8. Pepper powder - 1/8 teaspoon
  9. Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon + 1/4 teaspoon
  10. Garam masala / Homemade Tandoori masala - 1/4 teaspoon 
  11. Salt - As needed 


  • Wash goat brain gently in water. It will be very delicate so do not wash under running tap water. Then marinate with salt and turmeric powder (1 teaspoon each) and wash after 3 minutes. Do not let it stay for longer time as brain will easily get rotten. 
  • Now cut into cubes and set aside.

  • Mix everything in a bowl except brain pieces and oil. 
  • Then pour some water and make it into a thick batter (with idli batter consistency) you should be able to coat the brain well on all sides. Do not make it too thick or too watery. 

  • Place a pan on flame and pour enough oil to deep fry the pieces. 
  • When oil turns hot (not smoking hot, you should be able to feel the warmth when you place our palm 20 cms above the pan) coat the brain pieces evenly in the batter and gently slide it into the oil one by one. Do not crowd the pan. (Check tip 2 for a common tip on getting the perfect fries)
  • Fry until the pieces turn crisp it might take just a few minutes. Goat brain gets cooked faster. To check if the brain has cooked just take a piece out and cut it into half, see if the brain has completely turned white, if there are any red streaks then fry them for few more minutes. 
  • Once done, remove from flame and serve hot!!

TIP 1: Goat brain is very tender so always handle gently even while washing. It takes only a few minutes to prepare any dishes out of it. Use goat brain immediately on the day for purchase do not refrigerate or leave outside on the counter for long. 

TIP 2: How to know if the oil is ready? I've already given a tip on the procedure part but the other best tip is; Drop a small piece of the batter into hot oil and see results. If the batter immediately rises up and does not change color it means that the oil is at its right temperature. If the batter piece stays sunk at the bottom it means the oil has not reached the right temperature you have to heat it for some more time. If your batter piece raises up immediately and starts to brown or turn black it means your oil is too hot. Switch off the flame and wait for a while and then proceed.

TIP 3: Add a pinch of red or orange food color to get a deep color. I haven't used it here still got an orangish color. Use if you prefer to. 

A crispy appetizer is now ready!! For goat brain varuval recipe click here!


  1. Amma made this fry once when am studying 7th.but am not able taste it that time.looks nice aks

  2. goat brain is our fav...this crispy fry looks super tempting

  3. delicious preparation....inviting me

  4. ooh ! thats a very interesitng post. never have tried it before.


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