Monday 13 October 2014 Website Review

Choosing the right career promises you a better future. Being a student it is not that easy to make the right decision without any guidance, choosing a course or college can be a pain, but that part decides about how the rest of your life would be! You need to be really careful and aware about choosing the proper path. Students have a lot of opportunity these days and only if they were aware of it, how wonderful their lives would be! Make a mistake in this part of life and the rest of your life can seem like a nightmare. With the little time at hand who can guide them with the needed info about colleges and courses available in India and abroad?Collegedunia does!!

Collegedunia is website that has loads of information about colleges, courses and all things related with all necessary details that any student would be in need of. The website is almost a search engine kind where one could search for things related to higher education. You can get reliable details about the colleges near you their fee structure, the type of course and lots more. 

Arts? Law? Science? Medicine? Engineering? What's your choice? They have the details you need for every single course available. If Arts is your choice just check this link to see a list of the colleges that offer such courses. 

There are filters available to make your search easier. Specify a city, choose the type of course you want and you have an answer or direction for all your search. It is a much better idea to gather enough knowledge and search for all possibilities before you blindly jump into something you did not want. It's your future plus your family's so why not sit relaxed browse over and choose what fits you best? 


  1. The website design is user friendly and is so easy to browse. It also loads quick pretty quick.
  2. A whole lot of information is all easily accessible under a single roof.
  3. The course duration, course type, location of college and even the course fee is displayed. 
  4. It's completely free, you don;t need to sign up or pay to access any information.


  1. Not every college in India seems to be listed. Only the most popular colleges are found. 
  2. Details about a few advanced courses are not available. 

Overall its a good one stop for students and parents who are on a search for more infos about higher education. But when some colleges do not get listed its gonna be a drawback as the students are not exposed to every single opportunity available around them. Hope this part will be rectified in future as it is quite a disappointment. Do check out the website am sure it will be of good use to anyone who'd like to pursue a higher education!


Safety & Reliability of website - 5/5

Website User Interface - 4.5/5

Info Availability - 4/5

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

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