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Easy Rava Ladoo | Rava Ladoo Without Coconut & Milk | Rava Ladoo Without Ghee | Indian Sweet Recipe | Rava Laddu

Here's a quick and easy to prepare rava ladoos. You can call it the beginner friendly ladoos too, there are no string consistencies needed and not much ingredients are required. Some handfuls of Rava; sugar and few cardamom are all that you'll need. I haven't used ghee here but you can make these ladoos with or without ghee. Just add a teaspoon or so to give it a rich aroma and flavor. These ladoos can be stored for long as there's no milk or coconut added to it. This one has a crumbly melt in mouth texture and tastes so good. For the upcoming festive season try these at home. There is nothing better than a homemade treat as I always say :)


Makes 8 to 10 ladoos
Total Preparation Time - 15 minutes
  1. Rava / Sooji / Semolina - 100 grams (nearly 2 handfuls) 
  2. Sugar - 100 grams 
  3. Cardamom pods - 8 
  4. Ghee - 1 teaspoon (purely optional) 


  • Powder sugar and cardamom pods together in a blender. Set aside. 
  • Roast rava on low flame in a wide pan. Keep stirring frequently so that it gets roasted evenly. When rava gets roasted it will give out a nice aroma. To know if rava is cooked just taste a little and see. If it tastes raw roast for some more time. 
  • Now remove from flame and when it is still hot add the powdered sugar. Mix well with a fork or spoon. 
  • Then when it turns warm add ghee and mix well. (Ghee is completely optional; it is not necessary)
  • Then sprinkle very little water (say about a teaspoon) and mix well. See that you don't add too much water. The rava mix should just get wet. ( 1 to 2 teaspoon of water will be enough)

  • Then take some wet rava mixture and hold it well to make a small firm ladoo. Hold and press well and shape it into balls. 
  • Set aside for a few minutes and serve or store in clean airtight containers after it cools down completely. Initially it will be sighlty soft but later it will turn nice and firm. 

TIP 1: Do not roast rava on high flame as it will get easily burnt. 

TIP 2: Ghee is completely optional it is added to give flavor and aroma. 

TIP 3: You can add roasted & chopped nuts and raisins if you wish. Also you can add some roasted grated coconut. But if you add coconuts you cannot store it for long. 

TIP 4: You can reduce the amount of sugar if you want a subtle sweetness. Here I have used rava and sugar in 1:1 ratio, make it 1:3/4 to reduce sweetness.

Super quick, Tasty melt in mouth Ladoos are now ready!! 

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  1. The rava laddoos r gorgeous. Excellent photography. Well captured clicks.

  2. DP clicks pattaiya kelaputhu, very attractive clicks.. Without ghee, thats totally my kind of sweet.

  3. wow! beautiful shots Divya. The antique articles makes the pictures even more interesting. Since you use little water, could you please mention the shelf life of these at room temperature and when refrigerated?

    1. Thank you So much Mira, I kinda love such antiques too :) There's very little water and it gets evaporated as soon as ladoo cools down so you can store it for more than a week. Havent tried storing longer than that :)


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