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Mysore Pak Recipe | Ghee Mysore Pak | Krishna Sweets Mysore Pa Recipe | Soft Mysore Pak | Nei Mysore Pak

Mysorepak is one of my most favorite among Indian sweet recipes and not to mention it has been the most famous one too; I do not like the harder version i.e., the traditional one but love the soft version, specially the Krishna sweet ghee mysore pak; it just melts in mouth and tastes so heavenly! Infact this was one of the sweet I was craving when pregnant ;) I was asked to curb my yearnings towards sweets just to have a healthy pregnancy and I was able to give up everything except this ghee overloaded mysorepak :P but unfortunately or fortunately I was allowed to devour it only during my third trimester :( If alone I had dumped too much of this sweet I might have ended with a c-section for sure ;) it is sugar and fat loaded and is not on the healthy side of the scale. Yet I loveee this sugary delight.

I wanted to try it at home for a very long time but I never opted to, as no one at home like sweets specially ghee laden ones and I was literally scared that I might fail and waste ingredients, especially ghee. I knew it was not that easy to get it perfect the very first time just by following some recipe to tee. You need experience and a lot of attempts to learn things to master the mysorepak recipe. But later I gathered some confidence and gave a try a few months ago and it turned out to be a disaster (as expected), taste wise it was good but the mysorepak turned hard in just minutes. Then on my second attempt got it just right. After a few more attempts and trials I found the following measurements to give a nice smooth textured melt in mouth mysorepak. I did learn a few tips too from the failed attempts which I'm sharing here in the tips part. When you try this recipe for the first time make sure to try with smaller quantities of ingredients; only on experience you can master it. Don't get upset if you don't succeed it doesn't matter coz you still tried and you have learnt something from your attempt. Next time try to make use of it and rectify the mistake you made earlier. Still, what can you do with the failed mysorepaks? I have given a method to repair hard mysore pak in the tips section, repairing is just an option and its not a compulsion to try and again it may not end the right way. Still I have provided enough info to get the best smooth melt in mouth ghee mysore pak at home itself. The ghee flavor makes the sweet taste rich and smell heavenly and also fills your kitchens with a divine aroma as you prepare these. Do try and don't forget to drop your feedbacks and comments. 


Total Preparation Time - 40 minutes
Makes about 6 to 8 pieces
  1. Gram flour / Besan - 50 grams 
  2. Sugar - 200 grams 
  3. Ghee - 100 grams (plus odorless cooking oil - 30 ml)
  4. Water - 100 ml 


  • Melt ghee and set aside, see that it is hot throughout the process. Grease a pan and set aside. (You will not have anytime later to grease pans so keep it ready, use a deeper bowl to get mysore pak pieces with good width)
  • Place a heavy nonstick pan on flame and add sugar into it. Pour water and stir well. Wait until the sugar syrup reaches one string consistency. At this stage switch off the flame.  (Take a drop of sugar syrup in a spoon and rub it between your thumb and index finger and pull, see if you get a string. If your sugar syrup crystallizes please don't use it; to know this, just drop some of the syrup into a  bowl of water if it hardens immediately, it means you have boiled it too much and sugar has started to crystallize, this will make your mysore pak hard so discard it and start from beginning)
  • Hope you are able to see the string in the following pic.

  • Pour half of this sugar syrup into gram flour and mix well to make a lump free batter. Pour this batter back into the pan (that has the remaining sugar syrup) and stir well so that it gets mixed up well and smooth. Then switch on the flame. This method will be easier and will not form lumps. (But instead you can directly add the flour inside the sugar syrup and keep stirring as you add, this direct method of adding flour directly into the syrup will be bit difficult as you will have to add the flour little by little and simultaneously keep mixing up. But its upto you follow the method that seems easy to you)
  • Now add a tablespoon of melted ghee and stir well. Similarly, add ghee little by little and keep stirring until all the ghee is all over. Then add oil and stir well. 
  • After about 15 minutes the mixture will seem very frothy. It will bubble even after you stir it well. Now remove from flame and pour into a greased tray. When it warms up cut into desired shapes and let it cool down completely. (You can even serve it warm)  
  • Stays well for 10 to 15 days when stored properly. 

TIP 1: If your sugar syrup isn't right your mysore pak wont come out properly. Also if you don't remove from flame after the frothy stage your mysore pak will become hard. Add enough ghee to get the similar taste and will stay soft.

TIP 2: You can replace half quantity of ghee with oil but the flavor will not come out that good as in Krishna sweet version. 

TIP 3: Make sure to use fresh gram flour and good branded ghee to get the best flavors. 

TIP 4: If the mysore pak does not set well and stays gooey it means that either your mixture hasn't got cooked enough, if so pour it back into the pan and cook for some more time. Or it may mean that your sugar syrup wasn't right. Repairing then would be really difficult so make sure to use the correct ratio of ingredients. When you make it for the first time make sure to try with lesser quantities.

TIP 5: Make sure to add ghee little by little, incorporating so gives a really good texture. 

TIP 6: Never leave the mix unnoticed when on flame, it will get easily lumpy and also do not cook on high flame as it may get burnt. 

TIP 7: Prolonged cooking will make the mysorepak hard. Always take care to remove from flame when the batter seems very frothy. 

TIP 8: To find if mysore pak is ready just drop a small piece of the batter into a bowl of water if mysore pak mixture turns hard immediately it means your mixture has got overcooked, your mysorepak will be hard for sure; If your mysorepak mixture is soft and you are able to roll a soft ball that is firm and not sticky that is the right time to remove the batter from flame. If your mysore pak mixture does not form a ball and gets dissolved in water easily that means you have to cook further more.

TIP 9: The color of the mysore pak depends on the color of ghee and the besan flour you use. 

TIP 10: From my experience it would be better if you line the bottom of the pan with a butter paper/parchment paper before pouring the cooked batter. This will help you to remove the mysore pak easily from the pan.

REPAIRING: (This repairing process may not work if there's trouble with your sugar syrup. This works if you have overcooked the batter. You may not get the melt in mouth taste but it will be much better) If your mysorepak turns hard, just crumble it and grind into a smooth paste by adding very little water. Pour it into a pan again, place on flame and pour some more ghee or oil little by little, keep stirring simultaneously. When it reaches the frothy consistency and seems thick pour it immediately into the greased pans. If you are lucky it will set better than before. Do the same even if your mysorepak has not set well.

Soft, delectable melt in mouth Mysorepak / Mysurpa is now ready!! Tastes so divine with a dominant yet palatable ghee flavor just like the store bought ones.. Yummm!!!


  1. Yumm..but krishna sweets mysoore pak has more ghee i think..they seems atleast..hehe

  2. Lovely and delicious looking mysore pak. This is what I call a perfect sweet.

  3. very yumm... perfect diwali post..

  4. great clicks and perfectly came mysore pak ...

  5. yummy...can feel the melt in mouth texture :)

  6. If d sugar syrup passes d v shouldn't boil it again by dissolving in water and get consistency stages from beginning

    1. Hello Reeta

      I'd say better not risk it, I've tried so and many times it failed. Better rectify at the initial stage itself instead of regretting later, It'd be my advice. You can mix some more water and make a syrup and use it for some other purpose. Playing around with sugar syrup is risky when making a sweet that purely depends on the sugar syrup consistency. Thanks :)

  7. Really wanted to try mysore pak .But never got the guts to try it as its for experts only .Will try with your tips ..Very nice clicks divya .Just wondering how you manage blog with your cutie .

    1. Sathya I sneak out into the kitchen when she falls asleep and bake/cook even during midnights ;) :D btw thanks dr do try out and let me know your feedback :)

  8. Scrumptious Mysore pak and I am craving now after seeing your beautiful clicks.. Kudos to effort and time you put in this recipe.. U nailed it perfectly with your hints and tips !!

  9. Hi Divya!!!

    Looks yummy and delicious.. This is my children favourite dish. Will surely try it out.
    Have a nice day :)

  10. Looks so so yummy and tempting mysore pak... Love it much without more ghee..;)

  11. I have Mysore pak thrice n it came out v made with store brought gram flour. It came out to be v oily .it was not setting .sugar consistency also was right. Pls help wat could have gone wrong.

    1. Hi Roopa, I'm not sure what might have gone wrong, There must have been too much oil that the gram flour could not absorb. Try reducing oi next time if using the same flour.

  12. For the first time itself it turned out to be melting in mouth..thanks for the recipe and the tips.

    1. Thank u for trying Priya and also for letting us know your feedback :)

  13. Thanks i had done first batch perfect

    Second batch became gooey

    Sugar syrup consistency is good

    Thanks for the remedy part

    1. Kudos glad to know you perfected them the first time itself :)

  14. I prepared the mo, it came well with the shape and size, but the sugar seems less and Iam getting the besan to taste, I. E the kaadalai maavu taste is prominent, how to correct it

    1. Did you cook it long enough? It should smell great half way through! Was the flame on high mode?


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