Monday 5 January 2015

Potato 65 | Aloo 65 | Urulaikilangu Fry

Here's my easy version of potato 65 that can be served as appetizer or as snack or sides along with rice and curries. A bowl of hot steaming rasam rice with these crispy fried potatoes would definitely be a satisfying and palatable platter for any south Indian. The version I've shared here is pretty easy and will not use too many ingredients. As I always say add other flavors and customize as per your taste and enjoy like you wish. Some extra ingredients like ginger garlic paste, chat masala, lemon or vinegar will perk up the flavors a little more. But still they are optional even without these ingredients I've mentioned the fry tastes good. There are other 65 recipes I've already shared earlier, click here if you'd like to check them out. 


Serves two people as sides 
Total Preparation Time - 25 to 30 minutes
  1. Potato - 1 
  2. Maida / All purpose flour - 2 teaspoons (optional) 
  3. Rice flour - 2 teaspoons
  4. Corn flour - 1 teaspoon 
  5. Red chilli powder - 1/2 teaspoon 
  6. Cumin powder - 3/4 teaspoon 
  7. Garam masala - 1/4 teaspoon 
  8. Salt - As required 
  9. Red food color - A few pinches (optional)
  10. Oil -  For deep frying 


  • Wash and chop potatoes into big cubes and steam or boil them until it seems almost (i.e. 3/4th) cooked. Then peel off the skin and chop into smaller cubes. 
  • Take a bowl and add maida, corn flour, rice flour, red chilli powder, food color, cumin powder, garam masala, salt and mix well. Add little water and make a paste out of it. 
  • Drop the potato pieces into it and coat them well with the masala. 
  • Place a pan on flame and pour enough oil into it to deep fry the pieces. After the oil heats up gently drop the marinated cubes and fry the pieces on a medium flame until they turn reddish and crisp. (The potato cubes are already cooked you need only the outer coating to get cooked therefore you don't have to fry for long)
  • Then remove from flame and place over a tissue paper to remove extra oil. 
  • Serve hot!! Garnish with a few fried curry leaves if you wish. 

TIP 1: Make sure that the masala does not turn watery else potato pieces will not get coated properly. Also it will come off from the pieces when you deep fry them. The masala should be very thick enough to coat the pieces well, without dripping off. 

TIP 2: Always make sure that the oil is at the right temperature before you fry the pieces, to know this drop a little of the batter into the oil. If it rises up immediately and burns it means the oil is too hot, if it stays at the bottom it means that the oil is not hot enough, if the batter rises up but does not change color it means it is at the right temperature. If not the pieces will suck in too much of oil. Also if it gets heated up smoky hot then the potato pieces will get burnt. 

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  1. Oh yummy potatoes ..Such a colour .

  2. perfect snack..I can finish the entire bowl

  3. Scrumptious platter. Aloo 65 is new to me. Looks better than any non veg 65. Love your innovative recipes. Keep them coming! :)

  4. Perfect Side dish for any meal...

  5. Love the color and how crispy these look.


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