Thursday 26 February 2015

Buffet Restaurants In Chennai

There are these days when we don't have much time to cook for dinner or even the mood at times. And there are those weekends when you definitely feel spoiled and look out for that break. Those are the days when dinning outside makes the soul relaxed and comforted. I love dinning out at restaurants, the best part of the day to enjoy a delicious meal according to me would be the dinner time. You know at the end of the day all you need is a little pampering with some tasty food (obviously something that you didn't cook yourself) after the long tiring day. Homemakers would know how wonderful it would be for them to take a break from the regular kitchen routine. I love trying the buffets more often, as you get to try so many dishes the same time. 

Being a food blogger I feel like I must definitely taste a lot of food so that I can know them, replicate them and blog them too. Most of the times it is this reason I choose to order something new I visit the restaurants. I am a person who'd always order same monotonous menu every time I visit any restaurant and my close ones know what to get me when we dine out. But I've started to change this boring habit of mine. I need to taste more, know more and blog more too and . In this post I will be sharing some of my favorites and some of the best buffet restaurants in Chennai relating to my experiences. 

Let me start with Barbeque Nation, an all time favorite of mine. I love the variety that barbeque nation offers. I always fill myself up with the starters they offer, specially the grilled ones, Oh my! they are so good. I love playing with the grill on the table too. I get almost full by just eating the starters and so I would simply take a few bites from the main course just like a tradition and nibble some dessert to complete the ceremony :P I must say sometimes some desserts taste out of the world. Its a place you must visit with a bunch of friends to just indulge in and enjoy. They have so much food and varieties to offer and if you are a Non-vegetarian then this place would definitely not disappoint you. 

There are a few others that I love too! It includes The Great Kabab Factory at Egmore offers a brilliant spread, you will love it's decor and the menu. The menu changes every day and they are very innovative and unique at times. The waiter's uniforms, the cutlery and the food have interesting aspects added. 

Grill Box at mylapore, again offers one of the best grilled food in the city and also good North Indian food. You'll love the charcoal grill, the Arabian atmosphere and their Indo-Arabian cuisine. Worth the money and you must definitely pay a visit someday. 

Cilantro, St .Thomas Mount Chennai, offers one of the best meat and seafood platter. The ambiance just makes you feel so elated and one definitely one among the best.

 Spend a perfect weekend at these  buffet restaurants in ChennaiYou must try the few I have mentioned above and share your views and reviews about them. Post a comment below adding your experience and also include about other buffet dinner in Chennai. That'd help many!

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