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Here's a basic pasta recipe with white sauce. The white sauce I've used here is super is a versatile, no-fail recipe that has never disappointed me. I've been using the ratio of flour, butter and milk as 1:1:10 for a long time, which I noted down after watching a cookery show long ago on the television and every time it has worked out brilliantly. I have used macaroni here, you can use penne pasta kind or even spaghetti. I have not used any vegetables in this recipe but I've used some chicken instead. You can use mixed vegetables or some bell peppers or sweet corn kernels as you wish. Customize or tweak this basic recipe and enjoy the utterly delicious pasta at your home. I'm not an expert in making pasta but I have given a few tips that will help you make the perfectly creamy pasta. 


Makes pasta for one person
Total Preparation Time - 20 minutes
  1. Pasta - 50 grams / half cup (I used macaroni)
  2. Butter - 1 tablespoon 
  3. Garlic  - 2 cloves
  4. Shredded Chicken / Chopped mushroom - 2 tablespoons
  5. Maida / A purpose flour - 1 tablespoon
  6. Milk - 150 ml 
  7. Dried Oregano - 1/2 teaspoon 
  8. Dried Basil and Rosemary - 1/2 teaspoon 
  9. Crushed peppercorns - 1/4 teaspoon
  10. Salt - 1/4 teaspoon 
  11. Oil - 1/2 teaspoon 


  • To a pan add macaroni and pour enough water to cook them. Macaroni will grow bigger in size while cooking so pour a lot of water (app. 4 to 5 times the quantity of pasta). Now place on flame. Cook until the pasta turns soft, it might take 15 to 20 minutes, make sure that it is cooked thoroughly. Then remove from flame and drain water. (You can use the leftover water later so do not discard it) TIP: I always add cooked pasta directly to the white sauce without rinsing them in cold water, we are not making a salad now so it is not necessary to remove or rinse off any excess starch sticking to the pasta. Also tossing the pasta in oil or butter after cooking it is not really necessary too, it will make it non-sticky and obviously slippery making the sauce not stick to the pasta properly. But if you are going to take a long time to prepare the pasta sauce tossing it in a little butter or oil would be fine as your pasta won't dry up. 
  • Place another pan on flame and add butter. Then add finely chopped garlic and saute. It should not change color.  
  • Now add shredded or chopped chicken pieces (boneless) and saute until it changes color and seems well cooked. If using mushrooms do not saute for long. 
  • Then add dry herbs, salt (oregano, basil and rosemary) and give a nice sir. 
  • Then add maida/flour and saute for a few seconds. 
  • Now pour milk into it and stir well so that the flour gets mixed up with the milk. 
  • Cook on a low flame until it seems creamy. 
  • Now add the cooked pasta into the prepared white sauce and stir quickly. Add a ladle full of water say 50 ml (or the leftover water we have from cooking pasta) and mix. Cook for a few seconds until the sauce thickens and adheres well with the pasta.
  • Make sure it does not thicken up too much. Remove from flame while it is still creamy. (If it thickens up add little water and adjust the consistency)
  • Garnish with crushed pepper, a pinch of herbs and serve hot. 
TIP: You can add wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. But see that you do not add too much flour while making the sauce as it will thicken too much. 


  1. Looks absolutely fabulous. Very very delicious.

  2. My kids would love this white sauce chicken pasta, even alst week Akshay was asking me to make white pasta...flavorful version...will try it with chicken for him...loved your photos...classic!


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