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Mango Jam Recipe | Mango Jam Without Pectin Or Preservatives | Vegan Mango Jam | Homemade Mango Jam | How to Make Mango Jam At Home

If you love mangoes so much you must try making jam with them. Fresh homemade jam has its own goodness, and you can use them in your bakes and recipes to get the best tasting dishes. Also when the mangoes are sour you can better turn them into jam instead of just discarding them. Use any mango kind, just make sure to use fresh mangoes to get the best flavors. There are other mango recipes I have blogged here earlier do check them out too. One of my favorite remains the mango payasam and the mango agar agar pudding. Do check them out too and treat yourself!! 

I have been always waiting for my lil daughter to pose for my blog. I have seen pictures of cute little ones posing for their mom's blogs, holding the food or the ingredient in their tiny little hands and I always yearned for such a click on my blog too. So after my miracle baby Jessi was born I couldn't wait long that I made her pose at her fourth month itself (I will post that picture soon) I gave her a mango and she tried her best to get hold of it. But then, I just didn't wanna force her to do something until she was ready. Also she was (and still is) so mischievous that she will put anything (rule out food here) into her mouth, so I wanted to be more careful and didn't risk it. But Jessi always gets excited looking at me photographing food, I've seen her getting thrilled from when she was just five months old. She would wait sometimes beside the door for me to finish the work and sometimes would run in and try to play around with the things, dishes, boards and even the camera. May be she was connected with my blog even before she was born. Recently, a week ago, while I was trying to click the mango jam I made, she came and intervened and it was like her saying "Mom I'm ready to pose". And I did let her play around and pose for me without a second thought, after all this is what I've been waiting for :) I do not know if she understood what I said her but she helped me out so much. Check out the collage pic below, I've translated her actions into words, constructed a dialogue and made it like a comic so that you'll understand what happened and yes, it'll be more fun too. 

And yes she finally had her share of jam ;) The perfect click with this little super model is at the end of this post :) 


Total Preparation Time - Takes 30 minutes 
Makes approximately 100 ml of jam
  1. Mango pulp - 100 ml (I cubed one fresh mango and ground it without adding water)
  2. Sugar - 75 ml 
  3. Lemon juice - 1 teaspoon (optional) 


  • If using fresh mangoes, just peel off the skin, cube them, grind well and use 100 ml of it.
  • To a pan add mango pulp, sugar and place on flame. 
  • Cook and stir frequently on a low flame. As the sugar dissolves the mango pulp mixture will turn thin. 
  • Stir frequently it will take some time to thicken.
  • After a few minutes it will turning glossy and a little transparent. Stir in the lemon juice now. Lemon juice can be skipped if your mangoes are sour.
  • Cook further until it all comes together and seems thick like jam. At this stage the jam would come together as a single mass like halwa. If you cook further it might harden. This might take about 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Then remove from flame and set aside until it cools down. Transfer to a clean dry jar or box and refrigerate. Stays well for longer than a month. (haven't tried storing longer than that) Use as toppings spreads or as you wish!

TIP 1: If your mangoes are sour skip lemon and add sugar and mango pulp in equal quantities. 

TIP 2: Do not leave the mixture on flame unnoticed for even more than two minutes as the bottom of the jam may get easily burnt. Keep stirring frequently. 

TIP 3: If you want a brighter yellow color, just add some food colors which I do not recommend. It will have a nice yellow tint but its your choice you can color it up or leave as such.

And to me, this is the best pic on my blog :) 

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  1. I too made mango jam but not with cute little hands.Perfect picture divya.

  2. Home made mango jams looks superb

  3. Aww so cute the way u have covered the whole expression with dialogue.
    Mango jam looks super.

  4. such a cute expressions form her:)love you jessy:)<3 lovely words there in collage too aks

  5. Just love it.. Such a cute darling she is... Please pass on my kisses... Happy for u

    1. Thank you so much Revathi will pass on your love to Jess :) <3

  6. Cute little angel. May god bless her. Loved this recipe. Planning to try soon. :)


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