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White Sauce Cheese Sandwich | Cheese Sandwich | White Sauce Paneer Sandwich | Sandwich Recipe For Kids

How about a cheesy yummilicious, subtle flavored sandwich for your brunch time? Here's a sandwich with a very cheesy and creamy filling that tastes so yum in ever bite. There's cheese, butter, milk and yes cottage cheese too! Yes it is laden with calories but why mind when it satiates your tummy and taste-buds so much? I have added small chunky paneer cubes that brings an element of excitement in every bite. But you can optionally exclude it and just make the plain version. If you love creamy cheesy stuff then you should give this recipe a try sometime. Your kids will love this one, you can make it for their snack or breakfast time too. Sneak in some veggies like capsicum carrot or beets if you wish. 


Serves one person
Total Preparation Time - 15 to 20 minutes
  1. Bread slices - 2 (I used wheat bread, you can use any kind)
  2. Cheese - (mozzarella or any cheese)
  3. Chopped paneer / Cottage Cheese - 1 tablespoon (small cubes)
  4. Maida - 1 tablespoon 
  5. Butter - 1 tablespoon 
  6. Milk - 100 ml 
  7. Salt - As per taste 
  8. Pepper powder - 1/4 teaspoon 
  9. Butter / Oil - 1 teaspoon 


  • To prepare white sauce place a pan on flame and add butter into it. After it starts to melt quickly add flour and saute on low flame. Do not let it burn. 
  • Then pour milk and stir well so that there are no lumps in it. Add salt and pepper powder and stir. When it seems smooth and little thick remove from flame. Do not let it sit on flame too much as it will thicken badly within a short period. But see that it is not very runny as well, you will have to spread it over the bread pieces and if it is runny cook for a little more time else it will make the sandwich soggy. See that it has a spreadable consistency. 

  • Grate cheese and set aside. I used the normal amul cheese cubes you can use mozarella too. 
  • Now place a pan on flame and spread a teaspoon of butter or oil. Then place the bread slices on the pan and toast for a few seconds and then flip sides and spread white sauce over the toasted side of the bread. 
  • Then spread some grated cheese over it. Use as much cheese as you'd like. 
  • If using paneer toast paneer on the same pan for a few seconds. For this place the cubes over the pan and toast for a few seconds. (Adding paneer is completely optional.) Then place some toasted paneer cubes over both the bread pieces.
  • Then sandwich both the slices and press gently. 
  • Remove from flame and serve and serve. 
TIP 1: Paneer, as I have already mentioned is completely optional, you can add some capsicum instead or make the plain white sauce sandwich. 

TIP 2: I have tried both amul cheese and mozzarella and they both taste good. So if you can't fetch mozzarella its fine to go with amul cubes.


  1. Lovely idea divya,Never filled bachmel sauce in sandwich.

  2. I can never have too many sandwich recipes! This looks so tasty :)

  3. Beautifully thought !! Web u make bechmel sauce do use whisk , it reduce evaporation of sauce ...

  4. lovely sandwich..,


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