Monday 17 August 2015

How Not To Diet And Lose Weight

Before starting a diet people should know some basic things which will help them lose weight better. And also one must know how not to diet so that they do not end up wasting their time either! I've seen many dear and near ones do the same which I found that they did it all because of awareness. I am not a dieticion nor a nutritionist but with the knowledge I have and with various sources and being a biotech student I have made up  simple post just to create awareness. So here are some general things to know before you make your plan. 

Switching cuisines: That's the basic or foremost mistake people make! Make a proper diet plan rather than switching cuisines. There are many chances that you will miss and switch back to your regular routine anytime. People tend to go for a cuisine-change instead of the diet-change. Better not do that if you do not know about the cuisine you are going to follow. One knows his/her cuisine and food much better than another and so it will be easy to work on with their regular menu rather than researching the new one. Indians believe that following a western diet would help them cut down their intake of extra calories! I've seen diet charts in Indian websites and diet centers how they attempt to sell western food as more healthier than Indian food. Toasts and salads are not better than your regular chapati or millet recipes. A salad may be much more calorific than your cup of rice and if you are going to toast a sweet bread you only get to eat more calories than what your regular dosa or idli will offer. If you do not know about the food or ingredients of the new cuisine you are going to adapt, then probably you are more prone to mistakes. Instead choose your regular cuisine, and tweak it into a healthier low calorie menu. Cut down the amount of sugar, reduce fatty food, follow a low carb diet and concentrate on healthier ingredients. 

Skipping meals: The definition of diet is "to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight." It never means staying hungry! Staying hungry will not help you lose weight but makes things worse. You become weak and your skin will start sagging, after all you are losing weight to look better right? Eat until you are half full but never stay hungry. 

Say no to a No-Carb diet: Carbohydrates should be reduced but not completely cut down. They are so much necessary for you and if you completely cut it down you will be hindering the normal functioning of your body! You need energy that only carbs can provide. So it should be a low-carb diet not a no-carb diet. Reduce carbs and take more amount of protein and fiber rich food. Here's a good article that'll help you learn more about carbohydrates that you definitely need to know more!

Juicing: Everyone knows it is easier for one to gulp down a glass of juice rather than eating a fruit or vegetable. Though you get some nutrients, you will lose a lot of fiber, antioxidants and other goodness while juicing. And when you sweeten it, it turns into noting but junk food. So make it a point to eat them whole rather than juicing and if you do juice it try to blend along with pulp never strain and never sweeten it with sugar. 

The shortcut: Never go for the shortcut way of losing weight. Pills, meal alternatives etc can only invite trouble. Try to lose weight naturally and gradually. 

Also, never follow your friend's diet, it might work out for him/her but not for you. Identify your eating patter, skip the high calorie food, eat more fiber rich food, avoid junk food and sugar an plan a health meal that would suit you. There are more info about diet and nutrition on Nutrition Secrets blog.

Being aware can bring you better things than following things blindly! Refer browse and ask questions check and check and only when sure start to follow the idea. 


  1. Well said Divya, Knowledge is power, we should read more, learn more and arm ourselves with correct info to lead a healthier life rather than a skinny body!!! :)

  2. This is the nice post dear!! Common rules but generally we ignores it!!


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