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So I've been busy conducting a basic baking class in my native and it has stolen most of my blogging and other activity time! The cake class went well and we had two sessions covering every basics of cake baking and buttercream piping and frosting! So to make the buttercream session more easy and to avoid the wastage of butter I had to look out for an alternative and came up with this mock buttercream recipe. Being frugal is definitely gonna be useful here, as I didn't want to waste butter, just for sake of practicing! And did you know most bakeries use this fake frosting on their cakes, yes that's awful to read but that's the truth! Next time you get cream cakes from rub some cream between your fingers and show under water, you' find this cream difficult to get rid off than buttercream. Either they use egg white frosting or this duplicate frosting to ice their cakes! And now you know why home bakers charge you much more than they do in bakeries, we use genuine butter, and that's way more costlier than vanaspati! I am totally not against bakeries here, but that's the fact for the pricing difference! Okay now back to the topic, to be frugal I made this fake buttercream for people to practice and yes of course we made real American buttercream also to finally decorate the cake, who wants mock cream on their cakes ;) Though it is edible I do not prefer it. So this is how I made a cheap buttercream! 

Look at the texture! Was so much similar to buttercream

  1. Vanaspathi / Dalda - 500 grams (Vegetable Fat)
  2. Icing Sugar - 300 to 500 grams (or as needed) 

(Will be posting step by step pics soon)
  • If refrigerated, let vanaspathi come to room temperature. Make sure you follow this step else your mock cream's texture wont come out good! It should be very smooth and no lumps should be there!
  • Then sift icing sugar to remove lumps and set aside. 
  • Beat vanaspathi on high speed until it becomes silky and fluffy. 
  • Then add icing sugar in batches and beat well. It will become very fluffy. 
  • The cream should be in piping consistency so adjust accordingly, add more icing sugar if needed. 
  • Add colors of your choice and use, powder colors work better with this cream. 
  • This fake buttercream should be lighter / thinner in texture than the real buttercream. If it has become too thick add little water and beat on high for a few seconds. 
  • Stays well for days in normal room temperature.  
  • Just store in an airtight box and use. 

TIP 1: If your vanaspathi is cold and you've used it without letting it come to room temperature the texture will become like wax and you can never get the creamy texture. (Experience!)

TIP 2: Cleaning is quite difficult than buttercream as it is a very very sticky fat. Just boil your tips and nozzles in boiling water and wash with liquid soap. And use disposable piping bags as cleaning reusable piping bags is quite hard and needs some effort! 

TIP 3: Adding essence is optional, but if you want your practice cream to smell good add a few teaspoons of pineapple or rose essence. 

And your mock cream is ready at half the cost of buttercream!! This one is gong to save you a lot of bucks!

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