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Recipes with leftover food | Recipes using leftover idli chapati bread rice | Ideas to use up leftover food

Cooking is never an easy job but it is an every day monotonous kinda work for women to accomplish with so much perfection (saddest part of cooking) It's a pleasure to see people enjoy and compliment what one cooks but is equally painful to see it getting wasted! when the food you cook deviates from perfection or if it is not what your loved ones desired for, it gets wasted and there comes depression and fury for most of us πŸ˜„ Wasting has never been a comfortable word to even pronounce for homemakers! You put so much care and love along with carefully chosen ingredients and cook from the bottom of your heart to fill your loved ones tummies! but at the end of the day when you find it all ending up in trash how hurt would it be! Yes I do know the pain, so here are few interesting recipes using leftovers for you to turn the leftover unnoticed food into an awesome finger-licking most wanted food! And there are additional recipes to use up those leftover bread pieces also! πŸ˜‹

Recipes with leftover chapatis: 

1. Chapati noodles - Does your kid refuse to eat chapatis? Make this interesting noodles with chapati and he/she will never say no to this! Infact this would be pleaded to be added in your week's menu! Throw in veggies of your choice make it even more colorful and earn appreciation, become frugal! Mission accomplished πŸ˜ƒ

2. Kothu chapati - Not in for a Chinese style? Then here we go! A complete souther style recipe! Adopted from the most common kothuparotta recipe but made way more simpler just for you 😊 and should I mention about how it ll taste!

Recipes with leftover Idli

1. Idli upma - Leftover idlis are so common in southern Indian homes! And here's a brilliant way to use it up! A very easy yet palatable dish this would be and even people who hate idlis would love this idli upma.

2. Idli ka meetha - Too much of spiced recipes so why not a change? Here's a very interesting sweet recipe that will satiate your sweet tooth in an unexpected way! Deep fried idlis dunked in sugar syrup does not only sound divine but tastes brilliant too πŸ™‚

3. Idli Fry - A crispy snack recipe with minimal ingredient! The crispiness of fried idlis and the chat masala makes it an ultimate dish! Also turns your  monotonous evening snack time to a more interesting munching time. 

Recipes with leftover Bread:

1. Chilli bread - One of my most favorite recipe with leftover bread is this one! Has so many flavors, just tastes brilliant makes a wholesome dish and is damn easy to prepare. When you have just two or three slices of bread lying around you could definitely try this one. Few bread pieces are more than enough.

2. Bread Cigars: An interesting snack this one is! Just bread and few more ingredients are enough to prepare this crispy snack. A taste bud satiating recipe!

Recipes with leftover Rice

So I have kick started ideas for you which you can elaborate and be more creative to try using up your leftovers! All the best in being frugal😊


  1. Hi dhivya ur recipes are too easy... today only i saw ur blog... its vry nice... frist i saw u in sun tv only that making samosa wow ry easy i too tried it and all my family members liked it... ur blog is also vry nice... at last ur looking vry beatiful pls say ur secret...

    1. Hi Kalai vani :) Thank you so much! You appreciations mean a lot :) Keep watching and keep encouraging! There's no secret it all the love I get from people like you :) Thanks!


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