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Grilled Chicken Recipe | Indian Style Chicken Grilled

When given a choice to choose between tandoori and grilled, I'll pick grilled, Grilled chicken is more juicy and therefore stays on my favorite list lately! I love the mayo and grilled chicken combo so much and I always wanted to try it at home. But I do not own a grill and grilling a whole chicken on stove top isn't easy. Th chicken has to get cooked all through and that cannot be obtained stove top. So I referred a few cookbooks and recipes online and found a simple trick to grill the chicken and after experimenting I got the perfect grilled chicken too. The skin-on chicken is the best to get the perfect grilled effect, it retains the moisture and also skin is super delicious to eat. Try this for your Christmas or New years eve and enlighten your guests! 

whole roasted  grilled chicken using oven INGREDIENTS 

Serve 4
Total Preparation Time - 1.30 hours (apart from marinatng time)
  1. 1 whole chicken weighing 1 kilo approximately  (With skin)
  2. Red chilli powder - 2 tablespoons 
  3. Coriander powder - 4 tablespoons 
  4. Cumin powder - 2 tablespoons 
  5. Pepper powder - 1 teaspoon 
  6. Orange food color - 1/8 teaspoon 
  7. Salt - 1.5 tablespoon  
  8. Lemon - 2 
  9. Potatoes - 2 
  10. Aluminium foil - as needed to wrap the baking tray 
  11. Kitchen twine - As required 
  12. Butter / Oil - 1 tablespoon 


  • Wash and chop potatoes sprinkle salt and keep aside. 
  • Get a whole chicken with skin on from the market. Skin is very important to get the grilled juicy effect. 
  • Mix all the dry powders, red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, salt, food color and mix then squeeze half of a lemon over it and sprinkle some water. Make a thick paste, don't add too much water.
  • The previous night, wash the chicken well, make slits over the chicken with a knife and apply the prepared paste all over the chicken inside and out of the chicken using your hands. Spread generously and... I repeat, make sure to apply the masala everywhere.

  • Halve the remaining lemon and keep inside the chicken as shown in the pic (scroll below) this makes the chicken-meat tastier with a little tangy flavor. You can leave it plan too. 
  • Place this inside a box or a plastic bag  and refrigerate (do not freeze) whole night.  
  • The next morning or noon, take it out from the refrigerator and keep outside until it reaches room temperature. Tie chicken legs with twine and set aside. 
  • Meanwhile a take baking pan or tray that will contain the chicken and also fit into the oven. Cover with foil sheet completely. Then tear a few pieces of foil and make balls by simply crinkling them. Place these above the tray wrapped with foil. Also place the cut potato wedges over the tray. This will behave as a bed for the chicken and will ensure even baking. Also avoids the bottom of chicken getting burnt soon. (I sprinkled a few dried basil leaves to flavor the potatoes)
  • Now preheat an oven to 200 degree Celsius for 15 minutes. 
  • Then place the chicken over the tray and make sure the chicken does not touch the tray. Place the tray inside the middle of the oven. Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degree Celsius and then after 15 minutes lower the temperature to 170 degrees. This step ensures that you get well baked and juicy chicken. 
  • Brush some melted butter or oil over the chicken in between the process atleast once. I did twice and I also brushed the dripping juices along with the oil to help retain the moisture.
  • Now bake for 45 - 60 minutes. Check after 45 minutes if the chicken has got cooked. 
  • The meat would be tender and juicy and the inside should be white not pink. Then remove from oven cover and set aside for a few minutes then serve with mayonnaise and the roasted potatoes. If you want you can turn the chicken upside down and bake for a few minutes to get the skin a darker color on the other side too. But its optional. 
  • Pour the juices (let out while baking) over the chicken before serving and enjoy! Your homemade grilled chicken is ready! 

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Grilled Chicken Recipe | Indian Style Chicken Grilled

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