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Rose Kungumapoo Paal | Drink For Pregnant Women | Saffron Almond Rose Milk | Kungumapoo Badam Paal | Paneer Roja Paal | Rose Petals Milk

Rose Kungumapoo Paal | Drink For Pregnant Women | Safrron Almond Rose Milk | Kungumapoo Badam Paal
Here's a drink that can be served to pregnant women in their final month in the final or third trimester. Rose petals and saffron are believed to change the complexion  of the baby but that’s not true, rose petals aid better digestion and is good for the pregnant mother and fetus equally i various ways. It has powerful antioxidants that boosts immune system and also these petals keeps the pregnant mothers calm and relaxed as they are good for nerves. This drink will make the mother relaxed and prepare herself for the big day. Saffron can be used in the last month in moderation, it helps reduces blood pressure and mood swings but do not take too much. It also does not control the complexion of the baby and is a myth for sure.  It is only a healthy ingredient that was disguised to control complexion so moms would take them. This drink should be served in the last month only, it can be served few times during the second trimester but not during the first three months as it is the most risky period. But you can eat almonds during the first trimester. This drink can be served to any grown up or kids, it gives a nice glow to the skin also and keeps tiredness away. It is a tasty drink too :) My best wishes to all the pregnant mothers out there. 

rose petals badam drink


Makes 2 cups
Total Preparation Time - 10 minutes 

  1. Paneer roses - 5 (Pink rose) 
  2. Milk - 500 ml 
  3. Almonds - 2 
  4. Saffron - a pinch 
  5. Palm rock candy / Sugar / Honey - As required 
rose petals drinkrose petals badam drink


  • Chop finely or grind almonds into coarsely. Use the skin too as it has many vital nutrients. To grind two almonds add a little milk or water and grind to make it easier. 
  • Remove the petals from the roses and drop them into a bowl of water wash well and remove from the bowl. Squeeze off the water and take the petals alone. Roses would definitely have been sprayed with pesticides so try getting it from homes nearby rather than the markets and make sure to wash it several time before use. 
  • Now place a pan on flame and let it boil. Add the rose petals and reduce the flame. 
  • Add the chopped almonds and boil for a few minutes. Rose petals will change color once it gets cooked. 
  • Now add saffron and stir well. 
  • Remove from flame and add honey or sugar or crushed palm rock candy and serve warm. The rose petals will taste good it can be eaten. 
TIP 1: You can have this drink once or twice a week. My mom used to take this everyday during her last month when she was pregnant with me. :) She did not have any complications for sure. Yet I would advice that you ask your elders or gynecologist a word before trying.  

TIP 2: Sugar isn't a healthy option, I was not allowed to take sugar all throughout my pregnancy as I had to be extra careful after three miscarriages. Not only in my case sugar should be avoided in any healthy pregnancy too. A very unhealthy ingredient it is, so instead try using karupatti, or palm rock candy aka panamkarkandu or honey. Honey and sugar should be the least choices for sweetening your food. If not possible try getting unbleached brown sugar or atleast vellam. 

Paneer roses

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