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Garlic Cheese Toast | Garlic Cheese Bread Recipe | Stove Top Garlic Cheese Bread | Easy Garlic Cheese Toast Recipe

How many of you love the cheesy garlic toast? And are you a fan of the pizza hut garlic bread? Here's a very easy way to make it at home with minimal ingredients, might not be the exact replica but you don't have to spend much and you can enjoy it any time at home in a jiffy. Make your variations or load it with cheese as much as you like. You can use mozzarella or cheddar cheese or even the processed cheese slices. This one is a crowd pleaser for sure. I've included a video to help you better and don't forget to check out my youtube channel for some more video recipes too. This particular recipe will stay close to my heart as my little toddler helped me make the video for the first time, though being just around 2.9 years old she managed to help me more than I could  expect. And apparently there were doses of mischievousness too :) Watch the video for more! 

Garlic cheese toast


Makes 8 bite sized toasts
  1. Bread slices - 2 (any kind but white bread tastes better, I used the sandwich bread)
  2. Cheese slices - 2 
  3. Garlic - 3 
  4. Dry basil leaves - 1/2 teaspoon 
  5. Chilli flakes - As required
  6. Mixed herbs (or) Pizza seasonings - 1/2 teaspoon 
  7. Melted butter (or) Oil - 3 teaspoons 
  8. Salt - As needed 
Garlic cheese toast


Watch the video for the complete tutorial
  • Cut off the crust (the sides) of the bread and cut them into squares like in the video.  (Easy to handle when cut into small pieces)
  • Similarly cut the cheese slices into squares and set aside.
  • Make a paste using garlic, melted butter (or oil) and basil leaves. Basil leaves gives out a very good flavor but it is completely optional. 
  • Spread this paste over the bread pieces. Do not overdo just a thin layer will do. 
  • Now heat up a tawa or pan and toast the garlic side first on a very low flame. Make sure you don't burn it. 
  • Flip sides using a spatula after it is golden and toasted well. Now immediately place the cheese slices and cover the tawa and cook for a few seconds until the cheese melts. Don't cook too long as your bread's bottom will get burnt. 
  • Open the pan and remove the bread pieces from flame. 
  • Sprinkle chilli flakes, pizza seasonings if available. If not just crush or powder mixed herbs and sprinkle them along with a pinch of salt. (Use salt only if using mixed herbs as Pizza seasonings already has salt content in it)
  • Serve hot. 
garlic toast 034

TIP 1: You can use mozzarella or cheddar cheese also if you wish, just grate and add them, processed cheese slices are available almost everywhere and is easy to use too. 

TIP 2: Basil leaves, mixed herbs, chilli flakes or pizza seasonings are all optional you can simply stop with garlic and cheese. 

TIP 3: Make sure you add cheese only after the garlic side has been toasted well else it will taste raw. 

TIP 4: Never leave the bread on flame for longer time as it will get easily burnt. 

TIP 5: You can use any kind of bread but white bread tastes better. 

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