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Kambu Urundai | Pearl Millet Ladoo | Kambu Karupatti Ladoo | Bajra Laddu | Recipes For Pregnant Women

Pearl Millet has so much goodness to offer, it was Tamil Nadu's staple food long time ago but after rice and wheat occupying the menu Kambu was ignored. But thanks to the awareness these days people have started using them again. This tiny millet is packed with so much strength and helps reduce cholesterol too, it is rich in iron and fiber and has the highest protein content among millets. It even has the potency to reduce cancer, good for the diabetics to maintain levels, and also promotes bone and heart health. Sources also say that it avoids and treats stomach ulcers. Regarding weight loss I'm pretty sure too about how it helps. Some people have trouble digesting wheat such people can try using pearl millet as it is easily digestible. And the best part is it is so good for the pregnant women. I myself had sprouted pearl millet all through my pregnancy and had no trouble at all. It is rich in folic acid which is essential during pregnancy, especially throughout the first trimester as it helps in developing the brain and the neural system of the fetus. I have heard one of the elders say how it would keep their tummies full even after hours of hard work. I have actually not listed all of its benefits here, when doing a small google research I found so much which can't be contained within this post. There are no controversies about this healthy millet and hence is so safe to consume everyday. Or atleast once in a while you can make rotis or paniyarams or ladoo with pearl millet flour and serve kids too, as it gives them all the energy they need. 

kambu urundai


Makes 6 - 8 ladoo 
Total Preparation Time 
  1. Kambu Maavu / Pearl Millet flour - 1 cup 
  2. Karupatti / Palm Jaggery - 1.5 cups 
  3. Ghee - 2 teaspoons 
kambu urundai 1


  • Place a pan on flame and roast pearl millet flour on a low flame for 5 minutes or until you get a nice roasted smell. Make sure to keep stirring else it might get burnt. 
  • Crush palm jaggery and add it into a saucepan add about 50 ml of water and place on flame. Let the jaggery dissolve, you don't have to wait for string consistencies. Remove from flame and strain using a sieve to remove the dirt. 
  • Now add this syrup (when still hot) to the roasted flour along with ghee and mix well using a ladle. 
  • Then carefully mix well using your hands until it is evenly mixed up. The mixture will just be moist and seem grainy like wet sand, but when you hold it together it will stay firm.
  • Now take a part of the mixture and press firmly to make a ball. Do the same with the rest of the mixture. 
  • Serve. Stays well for 4 days, haven't tried storing more than that, 

TIP 1: You can use jaggery (vellam) instead of palm jaggery (karupatti) but vellam has the same calories as that of normal sugar, whereas karupatti or the palm jaggery has much more benefits to offer, especially the pregnant women.

TIP 2: You can do the same with any millet flour, for a wheat flour version click here

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