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Easy Kulfi Recipe | Matka Kulfis | Kulfi Using Khoya | Kulfi In Clay Pots

Kulfi!! The very word would excite all of us right? I've been an ardent fan of this frozen dessert. Preparing kulfis isn't as hard as you think, all you need is patience. To get it done the easy way we will be adding khova here. Instead of waiting for hours for the milk to reduce into a very creamy texture we are taking a shorter route by adding the creamy khova. This does not lessen the taste anyway and infact you will get a very tasty and creamy melt in mouth textured kulfi even without adding cream :) Doesn't that sound good?Nothing can beat our Indian kulfis don't you agree? ;) 

kulfi easykulfi pots


Makes 10-15 kulfis depending on the size of the pots
  1. Milk - 2 liters (plus 1/4 cup) {use full cream milk for better taste}
  2. Sweetened Condensed milk - 2 tins 
  3. Sweetless khova - 500 grams (Khoya/mawa)
  4. Sugar - 250 grams
  5. Cardamom powder - 2 teaspoons
  6. Almonds and pistachio nuts - a handful (optional)
  7. Saffron - A pinch optional 
  8. Aluminium foil - To cover the pots 

kulfi 1kulfi in clay pots


  • Preparing the mud pots or matkas - Wash the small pots and soak them then fill it completely with water and leave as such overnight. Morning wash it again and leave it until it dries up. You can use them then. 
  • Chop nuts and keep aside. 
  • Place  saucepan on flame and pour the milk.Place on flame (low flame) 
  • Keep stirring occasionally and collect or scrape the cream or malai formed on sides of the pan and put it back into the milk.  Add sugar half way through and keep stirring. Boil until milk is almost 3/4th its original volume. Might not take much time but stay beside the saucepan to avoid burning. 
  • Then add khova and 1/4 cup milk into a blender and blend well until smooth. 
  • Add this khova mixture to milk and stir well until the mixture blends well. 
  • Add condensed milk and stir again. 
  • Add saffron, chopped nuts and cardamom powder. Stir well and remove from flame. By this time the milk would be very creamy. 
  • Keep aside until it reaches room temperature.
  • Now take the pots and pour the kulfi mix into them until full. Top it up with roasted nuts if you wish or just leave it plain. Cover the pot with a piece of aluminium foil and place them inside the freezer. Leave undisturbed overnight. Sometimes it might take a little longer to set well if the freezer temperature is not right or if the mud pots are too thick. In that case let it freeze for another day. Try checking the freezer settings and make sure it is as low as possible. Remove once it has set well. 
  • It will be so rich and creamy and will melt in your mouth :) 

TIP 1: The same recipe cannot be used to set popsicles, this kulfi will be very creamy and might break if not set properly. 

TIP 2: Make sure you wash and soak the mud pots before use else it will absorb the water content from kulfi. And also there are chances for the pot to break. 

TIP 3: Kulfis like I said might take a day or two to set depending on the freezer setting and the pot. So be patient it will definitely get set. 

kulfi easy recipe

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