Thursday 12 April 2018

Egg Pudding | Yelakai Muttai Pudding | How To Make Egg Pudding

egg pudding recipe
Egg pudding is a very tasty dessert recipe that is very popular all around the world, but differs a little in the making, region wise. Some use an oven to prepare these recipes but here's the stove pudding version that we follow back at home. I use cardamom flavor to dominate the strong egg smell, but you can use vanilla to give a subtle flavor too. This egg pudding recipe that I have shared today is fool proof and always comes out good, you wont have problem while removing from moulds nor with the texture. It has a very smooth texture almost similar to jelly but even softer and melts in your mouth. Use country chicken eggs when serving it to kids, as it is healthier, also you can use karupatti or palm sugar instead of sugar. I will be sharing that recipe shortly. Now lets see how to make this easy peasy, tasty egg pudding recipe. 

Egg Pudding


Serves 4 to 5 people
Total Preparation Time - 15 minutes 
  1. Eggs - 1 cup (4 chicken eggs)  
  2. Sugar - 1 cup (100) grams 
  3. Milk - 1 cup (Thick milk, already boiled and cooled down) 
  4. Cardamom essence - 1 teaspoon 
  5. Cardamom powder - a big pinch
  6. Green food color - 1 pinch (completely optional) 
  1. Butter or flavorless oil - To grease the moulds
  2. Aluminium foil - As required 
Easiest way to measure ingredients for proper texture is to measure equal amounts of eggs, sugar and milk. Use the same cup to measure everything. 


  • Grease two small tumblers or pudding moulds or any small bowl like the one I have used. Just apply a thin coat of butter inside the mould.
  • Powder sugar and keep aside. 
  • Follow your own method to steam the pudding. I follow the following method, you can also use a pressure cooker or an idli pot also. Place a pot on flame, fill it with water and place a separator plate, cover the pot with a lid and wait for a few minutes until the water boils and there's steam inside. Meanwhile prepare the pudding mix. 
  • To a mixing bowl add eggs, sugar, essence, powdered cardamom (make sure they don't have any coarse pieces) and green food color. 
  • Beat gently with a fork. Do not beat too much, just mix all the ingredients well together and sugar dissolves well. 
  • Strain the mixture using a big pore strainer and pour into moulds. cover the moulds with aluminium foil, to avoid water from entering the moulds while steaming. 
  • Now place inside the pot and steam for 7 to 10 minutes. 
  • After the mentioned time check if the pudding is ready. Just insert a toothpick inside the center of the pudding. If it comes out clean it means that the pudding is ready, if not steam for a few more minutes. 
  • Remove from flame and de-mould the pudding after it cools down. 
  • Serve or refrigerate. 

TIP 1: Measure equal amounts of eggs, sugar and milk to get the proper texture and output. 

TIP 2: You can use either vanilla or cardamom pods it all depends on your preference. I personally like using cardamom flavor as it balances the strong egg smell and the pudding also tastes yummy. 

TIP 3: Use any kind of steaming method that you normally use. The pressure cooker method is the easiest and quickest, but if making a small quantity of pudding, the pot method is enough. 

TIP 4: Milk should be thick, do not dilute with water as it will affect the texture of the pudding. Boil the milk well and use after it cools down. 

How To Make Muttai Pudding

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