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Hi I'm Divya, A mom of a little bud who is keeping me busy these days apart from blogging and baking orders. She is almost 2 years old as on march 2016. I've been the Cook, Photographer and Author of this blog for almost 3 years and it has been a wonderful journey. Love for cooking and passion for baking lead me here and I've thoroughly enjoyed the ups and downs of this venture. I'm happy that I started blogging and I never look back, I don't know who I would have been, if I had never blogged. And it is (and was) the support from readers and friends like you that kept and keeps me going. Thank you so much for that and thanks a bunch for taking time to know more about me. 

Apart from cooking and blogging;

I love Meditating the Bible, Food photography, Baking, Doing Aari work, Shopping cookwares and kitchen gadgets. I run a facebook page named "FlavoreD" where I take up online orders for cakes, bakes & desserts. If interested to know about what I do there click here

My Biggest Support
Obviously the one who tastes my food very often. My Family are they. They support and encourage me in all ways possible and I thank God for them. Now I'm waiting for one bud to grow up soon and help me out with her critiques :) Meanwhile I would really love to hear from you all send me a mail about your feedbacks, experiences and all your critiques. Here are some testimonials that I've received so far do check them out too. 

Do You Respond To Comments Or Emails?
Yes I do respond to reader's comments, you can just drop in a comment when you need clarifications. Or an email wuld be better divya.pramil@gmail.com I will try my best to respond you at the earliest. In case if I don't respond, it doesn't mean that I'm neglecting your comment or mail, it means I might have missed. I love to interact with my readers and am just another ordinary person like you. So kindly feel free to resend the mails again. Hope you will understand. 

Recipe Requests?

You can definitely request a recipe, send me a mail or drop a comment. When I find time I will definitely post the recipe. But give me some time, I will definitely respect your requests, trust me it will be up on my blog sometime. 

Regarding Cup and Spoon measurements....

Spoons -  I use a normal tablespoon used in every Indian homes to measure my ingredients, I also use the standard teaspoons and tablespoons. If I have mentioned it just as a spoon it indicates the ordinary kitchen spoon which would be equivalent to a teaspoon. But if I have used a teaspoon (tsp) or a tablespoon (tbsp) I will have definitely indicated it near the ingredients as either tsp or tbsp. 

Cup - I do not use the standard cups, I use my own personalized cup that I started to use when I got married. (It is a 150 ml cup) I use the same cup for measuring all my ingredients. So not to confuse readers with this, I will have given gram measurements in most of my recipes and will be updating it in the rest of my recipes too. Here is a tip to get perfect ratios, just use the same cup for measuring all your ingredients. Do not use different cups for measuring ingredients for the same recipe, it will end up in a mess. 

Salt & Sugar - Salt and sugar depends on each one's preference and taste buds, so add or decrease according to your likeness. Your taste obviously differs from mine. 

What If You Don't Get The Recipe Exactly As I Have Pictured? 

You will definitely get the recipe that I have pictured in my blog, but if in case you do not get it right, it might be due to the difference in ingredients used, way & style of cooking. Every cook differs from the other obviously. And one tip I would like to give my readers is to read my recipe fully and then proceed. The more you read you will follow better and get the best results. Please do not replace any ingredient unless mentioned.

Finally A Word Of Encouragement....

For those who go through trial, tribulation, sickness, family & financial crisis etc...,
The Bible has something for you...
"Look at the birds, they do not sow seeds, gather a harvest and put in barns; yet your Father in Heaven takes care of them! Aren't you worth much more than birds?. Can any of you live a bit longer by worrying about it....
.........So do not start worrying.... Your Father in Heaven knows that you need all these things..." Matthew 6 : 26,27,31,32
Just relax Jesus will supply all your needs....  Be happy at the moment!!! 


Send me an email to divya.pramil@gmail.com for recipe requests, food styling,  to place a cake order or to do product and website reviews on my blog.  
You can also get in touch here > You Too Can Cook Facebook Page

Thank you for your precious time!! Have a BLESSED DAY!!
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  1. Am very glad to land here..You have the truth here..Very nice facts of life...Keep it up!

    1. Hi I just don't know how I missed this lovely comment here :) Thanks for those delightful words.. Welcome to my space do come back again :)

  2. Hi Divya! you have got a nice blog going! I especially liked the encouraging verves from the Bible :) Thanks for droping by and joining my space! Glad to follow you too :)

  3. my sister rocks :) just got time to read through the updates here... beauty is you...

  4. Hi Divya,
    Loved this introduction page...kept me reading till the end. Keep Rocking!!


  5. Hi Divya,
    Great website,loved it.

  6. Hello Divya,
    Not sure if you recognise me. I am Sugirtha's sister. I have come across your blog long back but never realized it ws you until I saw your picture on Facebook. Great work keep it up. And amazing pictures. I used to blog at "Dil Se.." but now my baby is keeping me busy and I hardly have time to cook and blog.

    Nice to meet you here in the blogosphere :)


    1. How did I miss your comment :) Yes I do remember you :D yes I have come across your blog many times too ;) and never knew it was your blog until I saw u on FB :) Happy to see you again :) Thanks for stopping by <3

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Divya, I am really impressed wit ur intro and the talent inside urs. Keep rocking as always :) - Gayathri

  9. hello divya..

    Very nice blog..my sister's name is divya too.. :))
    you have some awesome recipes posted here.. happy cooking :))

    have a look at my budding blog..

  10. Very inspiring. Intelligent, highly educated yet so dedicated on the home front. Very proud of my Indian sisters.

  11. Hey Divya...
    Really liked your website and also the positive messages that comes along .Keep up the good work.
    Whenever you get time, you might want to visit my food website too, its..


  12. A very nice website you have here Divya...love the positive messages that comes along too!
    Keep up the good work.
    Whenever you get time, you might want to take a look at my food website too, it's..

    1. Hi Richa thanks for dropping by and for the nice words :) Will def take time to visit your website :)

  13. Hi Divya! Lovely blog! I am happy I came across your page. Jesus bless all your future endeavors! Abundant blessings, Beulah

    1. Beulah... Thank you so much for the lovely comment :) God Bless you too :)

  14. You sound so amazing and beautiful...Awesome blog and Flavored looks so good!!! Hoping to order from you soon!!

  15. hi
    love your Introduction page your write up is so nice and well written and all your recipes also
    soon I will try your recipes and will post it in my blog tried and tested category and mention you there.


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