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  1. Hi, Recently i Googled and found your blog,and learning the art of cooking.Such a nice dedication into the world of cooking from your side.You explain anything and everything about how to do in easy steps and guidelines. Its your blog that guides me whenever I need to do some cooking in my inlaws home. - Shafeeka (Subscriber via mail)
  2. Tried your Boiled Egg Gravy (Avitha Muttai Kulambu) and it tasted too good. I will definitely make this again.- Sasi (Friend)
  3. Made this (Wheat Flour Payasam) for dussera. As you had mentioned, it was easy and very very tasty. I am really amazed that such a simple recipe can be so tasty. I would like to add that everybody should try this recipe, it takes no time and tastes superb. - Priya Purush 
  4. Hey, I've tried the banana almond milkshake and it was heavenly. Thanks for the recipe. Petro Neagu (Blogger friend)
  5. hi divya... on seeing ur pic, couldn't resist, made this dessert (Bread Custard Pudding - No Eggs, No Butter) yesterday and is now in my fridge, for today's chai... it turned out lovely... :) - Rafeeda (Blogger) 
  6. Tried your chicken coconut milk curry and it was too good. Thank you Sis  - Priya.R (Blogger friend via Phone) 
  7. Hi Divya, Today I made this recipe (Poondu Kulambu / Spicy Garlic Curry), we all enjoyed it. It was really good.
  8. I tried this recipe (Aatu Kaal Kulambu / Mutton Leg Curry) with Channa with some extra ingredients. Turned awesome. It is a keeper. Thanks!
  9. All your recipes are fab.the photos are good, it is inviting step wise photos will be too good.ii have tried the mutton gravy recipe, poondu kulambu recipe is bookmarked. using oats is very different in kfc chicken, i shld try. each of ur recipe is quite authentic.good luck - Meena
  10. I tried it out ,it turned yummy , my kids liked it.will try it again as a evening snack for them.your recipe are different always. - Meena (Reader)
  11. I tried yesterday snow pudding with 1 egg ratio and used chinagross and it turned out good - Shafeeka (Subscriber)
  12. Tried your Onion Rasam came out good. - Roshini (Blogger)
  13. Tried it (Sweet corn rasam) out. Tasted good. Have a look here. - Supriya (Blogger)
  14. Tried your Chicken Chettinad last weekend and I am sure going to make it again ;), thanks for the lovely recipe... enjoyed it so much.. (Priya.R , blogger friend)
  15. Divya, tried this rasam (Sweet Corn Rasam).. loved it.. see my post in this linkRoshini (Blogger).
  16. Thanks, I just prepared this (Chettinad Chicken Masala) with your help and it tastes good :-) (Anonymous). 
  17. Made your Sweet corn rasam today, so flavorful and tasty rasam...loved it!! Thank u Divya Pramil for this great recipe Sangeetha Vijay (Blogger friend)
  18. Hi Divya Pramil I tried it (Samosas) and it turned out super crispy and tasty thanks a lot dear. (Lavanya Raj, Facebook friend
  19. Hey,tried this out today and it turnd out really soft and spongy...didnt expect a pressure cooker cake (click here for recipe) to turn out so good so didnt bother clicking pics while preparing,but once i popped a slice into my mouth i regretted not takin pics to put up on my blog.but will b baking this again soon...will send u de link once its up on my blog:) (Tasty Veedu; blogger friend
  20. Thank u  for this recipe (Rajma Patties / Tikkis / Cutlets). I was just wondering what to do with the beans and u helped me to finish tat. Instead of red I used white beans. I added finely chopped onion shallots to increase the taste. Also added 2 pinch of gram masala and pepper powder.. Mmmmm Yummmy.. It really turned out well dear.. (Sweetlin; Reader & friend)
  21. You have a superb recipe with great explanation. i owe the beautiful cake i baked in pressure cooker (Sponge cake using pressure cooker) to you . keep sharing your happy baking stories with us .Stay happy :) (Reader, via comment)
  22. Hey,tried this (Sponge cake using pressure cooker) out today and it turned out really soft and spongy...didnt expect a pressure cooker cake to turn out so good so didnt bother clicking pics while preparing,but once i popped a slice into my mouth i regretted not taking pics to put up on my blog.but will b baking this again soon...will send u de link once its up on my blog:) (Tastyveedu Blogger)
  23. Tried this cake (Sponge cake using pressure cooker)..very tasty.. (Swetha Lade)
  24. I tried it without the ice cream ... very refreshing! (Orange Milkshake) thanks Divya! - Kelthum. (Suncuisine blogger)
  25. Very good Kuzhambu (Arachuvitta Chicken Kulambu / Village Style Chicken Curry). We had it with rice for lunch and puris for dinner - Yummy!! I did add the cardamom and cloves while toasting the spices, and also some whole black pepper.It was a bit time consuming as I ground everything fresh, but the instructions were easy to follow :)Thanks for sharing! I look forward to trying out more recipes from your site! (Preeti via comment)
  26. Thank you so much... it (Fish Manchurian) was simply superb.. i didn't add color. it was tasting much better than the hotel made.. we enjoyed it..." (Reader & Friend via Facebook)
  27. Thankyou Divya Pramil for this (Sweet Corn Rasam) idea.. It was tasting so good... (Reader & Friend via Facebook)
  28. Hi Divya i tried ur potato balls it came out so well thanks for sharing ur recipe - Ninu (Reader & Friend via Facebook)
  29. i tried it (Coconut cookies)... and it really came out well.... but i got the texture in 20 mins... really liked it... i added 1/2 tsp vanilla essence... you can also use almond essence instead... it adds to the flavor... :) loved it.. (Sheeba Priya)
  30. that was the fastest and easiest chicken curry recipe (Red Hot Chicken Curry) i have ever tried and it tasted nice too. I added some pepper as I like it really spicy and some vegetables while adding the tomatoes as well. (Shawn - Reader)
  31. thanks for your post...i made this cake (Sponge Cake) today,,,it came out welll...:):) (Reader)
  32. Just made paper cup brownies....it is yummy.thank u for the wonderful and simple recipe - (Sandhya, Reader via facebook)
  33.  I have recently started following ur recipes...ur recipes are amazing....i have tried some already & they turned out to be very delicious...especially the eggless, butterless chocolate cupcakes (Zahar, Reader via e-mail)
  34. Hi Divya. I tried this (Gulab Jamuns) twice this week. 1st time, I used self raising flour so ignored the baking soda, and followed the measurements but there was excess milk. It came out hard! Today I tried again. This time I studied your recipe and other recipe and it came out great! I still used self raising flour, but added the soda and slightly less than 1/4 tsp baking powder. This time, once milk is added to make the sticky dough, I again had left over milk. But I kept the dough for about 20 mins. Then the dough dried up and was smooth. I added more milk to make sure the dough was sticky again. I truly feel this is the reason why it came out nice! Used the ghee and rolled into small balls. And they were perfect. Thank you so much I really appreciate your effort in giving measurements in grams instead of cups. The only website that did that.....I searched all over! Bottom line, make sure your dough is sticky before frying, if dough is not moist and sticky add milk then apply ghee! Thanks (Prem, Reader) 
  35. Hi Divya.. I tried this recipe (Plum Cake Using Pressure Cooker) and it really came out well! My husband and MIL were impressed ;) !! Got so much inspired , i'm gonna try other pressure cooker baking recipes too.. Thanks a lot for ur recipe and please do post various kinds of it. Thanks... (Sujatha, Reader) 
  36. I tried this recipe (Easy Mushroom Curry) today.. It is finger licking curry :) I am very fond of red color curry ans i got the exact color what u pictured... SLURP.. thank u for the nice recipe (Aishwarya Vivek, Reader) 
  37. Just tried it (Gulab Jamuns) now I had to add more flour and milk powder to the mixture as the dough came out first to be very soft. it came out excellent then no cracks jus perfect thanks for your wonderful recipe (Jina, Reader) 
  38. Thank you very much for the post! (Samosa - From Scratch) It came out very well! It also has turned to be my daughter's favorite due to which I have stacked the sheets ready in my freezer and is using it as an instant snack item. Thank you once again for the wonderful samosa post! Great Job and wonderful pics! (Leah, Reader)
  39. Hey Divs I tried these lovely n yummy biscuit pops (Star pops) today, everything came out very well. My daughter and her friend couldn't wait for the icing to dry, they were so excited about the pops. They kept on asking for more and more :) My daughter is not so fond of biscuits and is very fussy about eating but she seemed to be crazy for these. Only 2 pieces are left and she is eagerly waiting for next morning to finish her leftover task :) ( as she is not allowed to eat sweets after 10 pm) Thank you so muchhhhhh Divss for this wonderful recipe (Amy K, Reader)
  40. Hi Divya - I tried your recipe and gulab jamuns came out yummy. I substituted with self raising flour instead all purpose flour and didn't add baking soda. Secondly substituted with fresh cream or you can add thickened cream instead of milk and it comes out rich, soft and delicious.. other than these two changes I followed your recipe. Don't know many calories it is - Thanks a lot (Anonymous)
  41. Hi Divya. I tried this today. Cup cakes came out soft n moist. but nxt tym m gonna try these with more sugar n less cocoa. My 3 yr old son has eaten 1 whole cup cake. Thanks for this idea of making cakes in cups. can we use whole wheat flour instead of maida. will these cakes still cum out so spongy n fluffy? (Anu, Reader)
  42. Wonderful Idea. I kinda experimented with this core of this recipe (Chilli Bread) and added and removed some ingredients. The end result was a satisfactory "Schezwan Bread". Thank you (Reader)
  43. Divya, I tried out the easy fruit cake that you posted, for my hubby's birthday !! Turned out prefect and tasted just like the authentic plum cake that I get in my home town. Thank you so much :) -  (Avika, Blogger friend)
  44. Excellent recipe (Thoothukudi Macaroons) and thank you for the pictures. I tried it with lightly (VERY LIGHTLY!!) roasted cashews. Gives the recipe a nice flavor. - (AMG, Reader)
  45. Hi..Tried your recipe for the melting moments cookies and they just turned out superb...thanks for the recipe. (Anjum Syed, Reader)
  46. Melting moments - butter cookies ... Christmas special.. Thanks for d recipe Divya Pramil. .. It turned out to be Awesome!!!! (Deepika, Friend)
  47. I saw your paper cup tea cake looks delicious and yummy. i had tried today in pressure cooker and it came out too good. (Harsha, Reader via Facebook)
  48. Hi Divya Pramil .. I tried out this appetizer (Paneer Tikka). It was so refreshing & tasty and my family members loved it. (Aarthi, via Facebook)
  49. I tried ur christmas cake recipe and was amazing.Def will be trying this for my daughters bday (Sathya Priya, Blogger friend)
  50. Watermelon Juice - one of the top juices we've made. Love it! (via Pinterest)
  51. I tried it (Eggless Butterless Dates Cake), it's amazing fluffy,moist, and healthy tasty cake. What i like about it that it can last for a week unless egg recipe cakes which you need to consume within 3 days MAX. Tip: I used 50g Stevia Sugar (Zero Calories) instead of castor sugar, the taste and sweetness was just perfect. (Latifa, Reader via comment)
  52. I tried it (Bread 65) and it was awesome divya (Deepika Selvaraj via comment)
  53. Tried ur chicken vindhari recipe..awesome..luv ur blog a lot. (Friend via Facebook)
  54. This is the best Poondu Kulambu I've ever made!! My mom is a very big fan of this kulambu! Keep going! :) - (Ranjani)
  55. Pressure cooker chocolate cupcakes using paper tea cups - After browsing through tons of cake recipes for more than a year now and trying several, throwing away even more am so pleased and feel blessed to have finally found a perfect recipe for cupcakes! It is everything I was looking more- very Desi, w/o oven baking, quick, egg-less and the best the paper tea cups not to forget-economical, efficient and perfect :D Loved it to the core! thanks a ton again :) - (Shalini)
  56. Pressure cooker chocolate cupcakes using paper tea cups - "I tried ur tea cup pressure cooker cakes. came out nice,i attached the pic for you. i worried,that am not having microwave oven,but i love cakes so much,i see many cake recipes in many blogs..but all recipes said,to bake cake in an oven,i felt sad,accidently i visit ur blog,it's surprize,u make cakes in pressure cooker.thank you,you not only helps me,but you gave idea &  helps many ppl who do not have pressure cooker" - (Madhu via facebook page)
  57. Chickpea Potato Coconut Curry / Kuruma - No words to express about this flavorful curry.. My actual plan was to serve with Roti for dinner but the flavor and spicy aroma while cooking swapped my plan to Rice.Only few recipes makes us very happy while eating and trust me, every bite of this curry made us the happiest person and the most surprising part is my husband asked me to serve the same curry for breakfast along with rice ( normally he doesn't eat breakfast at home). I am extremely happy and this curry gonna be in my monthly menu for sure as per request  Unfortunately I missed all your non veg recipes coz of fasting but this curry did not let me down...It tasted like mutton gravy for us :)Thank you so much Divs:) " - (Rekha Satheesh via comment)
  58. Gulab Jamuns -Hi Divya, First of all I want to thank you from the deepest of my heart for giving us a beautiful and 100% perfect recipe. I was in search of a good recipe for gulab jamuns and for that I saw so many videos at youtube and Google but all in vain. Tried a lot but every time when I put them into singer syrup after few seconds they shrinked. Today I tried your receipt and they come out perfect. They were soft and delicious.I followed your recipe exactly and thanks that you gave measurements in grams also.I made my Dough and then I left my Dough for sometime in a plastic bag on my kitchen counter. Almost after an hour I scrambled the Dough and then add little more milk and kneaded. In short your recipe is super. Keep it up dear - (Tariq h via comment)
  59. Tried ur bread cigarette. We loved it - Divya Chandrasekaran via Facebook
  60. I tried (Bread Cigars) Divya Pramil.. it came out well.. didn't have bread tried it with rusk.. tasted well - Charu via Facebook
  61. Divya...Tried the chinese type noodles from ur blog....it turned out wonderlicious......my brothers, cousins, hubby n in-laws loved it.......my bro says no more noodles from hotel......he loved it..... (Shalini via facebook)
  62. Hi Divya tried your fish curry with coconut gravy and mango rice pudding it was so nice and yummy... (friend via Facebook)
  63. I tried it today it (Mango rice pudding) tastes very yummy thankz sis for the recipe - (Saranya Sara via facebook)
  64. Hi Divya,I recently stumbled across your blog - your recipe of Arachuvitta Chicken curry. That recipe was fantastic. My mom was visiting for lunch that afternoon and right when I was roasting the spices, she was like...hmm...smells like hotel...and then, smells like what ammachi (her mom-in-law) used to make - and that used to be like, fantastic! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing that recipe with us. It's going to be something that I write down in my notebook and keep for ages and share with my friends and children - with due credit to you, of course :)! Thanks, Divya :) (Ashika via email) (One of the email that made me overwhelm thank u ashika)
  65. Amazing recipe i tired it (Paneer Tikka) ... and it was awesome. (Shruti via comment)
  66. Hi divyaaaa. I made dis cake (Sponge Cake Using Cooker).....it was big success.Now i became a star......thanks divyaaaaaaaaa......thank you vry muchhhhhh.I like your way of presentation... (Zee Via comment)


  1. Soft Coconut Burfi got the Most Well Presented Dish Award from Sadaf Afshan for participating in The Virtual Eid Potluck Party.
  2. Badam Kheer recipe got the Best Recipe Award From Jillu For participating in "Lets Party Festive Special Event
  3. Kothu Kari Kulambu / Kheema Curry, won the 3rd place and a prize money in Asiya Omar's Feast Of Sacrifice event.
  4. Star pops got the best innovative recipe award in Jaleela Banu's Bachelor's feast event.
  5. Awarded "The Promising Blogger of 2014" by awesomecuisine.com
  6. My Recipe picture was made the cover picture for a popular Tamil Magazine "Aval Vikatan Kitchen" (December 2014 issue)
  7. Christmas Meringues were featured as the Christmas special recipe in Aval Vikatan Magazine (December 2014, second issue)



  1. HEy Divya, i tried poondu kozhambu..taste is awesome, we just love the taste of it...

    1. Thank you so much.. :) Happy to know it turned out well and that you liked it :)


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