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Letters To My Baby Book Review & Something About Cuponation

Hello friends, my today's post is way away from recipes, but is a very useful post for sure. Obviously you would have guessed about it on reading my post title, yes its about a book that I enjoyed and also a brief intro to a portal that can make your shopping less expensive and more fun read to know more. 

Letters To My Baby Book Review

How I got to know the book

My travelling companions have always been my iPods or my mobile music player, I have never carried a book along with me as am not a good reader; I always read the first page then I impatiently hop on to the last page to read the ending part or I just gaze the pictures and close it, even if its worth reading, but ONE book got this bad reader's attention and am still clinging on to it, Its "Letters to my baby" a pregnancy and baby care book. It has become my travelling partner over the past few months. Thanks to my friend Meena Bhatia for referring me this book when I was in search for an Indian authored pregnancy week-by-week book; and thanks to her friend and author of this book, Sangeeta who sent me across a free copy when I did not find one in shops near me. Am thoroughly enjoying it, though am reading it for the 2nd time. Get it and you'll know. 

When Meenu referred me the book that her friend Sangeeta has written I was interested in getting one as soon as possible. And was looking out for it in book stores near me, but to my disappointment the stock wasn't available. Then when I inquired Sangeeta about where I could get the book she kindly replied me that she would send me a free copy as I couldn't find one and in turn she just needed a review, yes just a review from me!!!!!!!!(Thanks a lot Sangeeta). I think it was a kind compliment that she did to honor her friendship with Meenu. Lucky me I got the book in just few days without any delay. I did not want to just post a review without reading fully and so I have taken some time. Want to know more about the book, then make some time and read my full review patiently ;) 

My Review

Are you Planning for a baby? Or are you an expectant mother? Or are you already a new mom looking out for tips and suggestions on baby care? Or do you wanna gift an expectant mother a worthy book? Then go for this book, you will be pleased and very much satisfied I promise. It is such a poetically written book (no I do not talk about the language here, its all about the feel you get), that will make you want a baby for sure, I mean it. 

Where do I find the book?

This book available in all leading Indian book shops if not contact the author Sangeeta to order one. You can also order one from online shopping sites like Flipkart

About the book

Book Title - Letters To My Baby 
Author - Sangeeta Bhargava 
Category - Pregnancy & Baby care
Words on the book's cover -  A week-by-week guide to pregnancy and first year of child development!!

The book compromises of two parts, the first part is about pregnancy care and the second part is all about baby care. There are small yet detailed chapters that brilliantly explains pregnancy week-by-week and also gives insights on how to grow a new born child. Some decent and educative photographs of fetus inside the womb and baby at different stages makes us sync with the chapters really well. The book consists of 275 pages excluding the cover pages.

What's inside the book?

The words on the cover page of "Letters to my baby" will clearly give you an insight of what is inside the book. When I turned the pages I found a small note of dedication from the author as follows.

To my Mother
"I did not realise how difficult her job was until I became one myself"
To my babies the real authors of this book!!

Yes she has dedicated the book to her mother and her babies. True words and true dedication. I knew that I have got the right book just by reading these lines. 

Like all others the book starts with acknowledgement, foreword, and a detailed introduction of what you can expect in the book. 

The author then gets into the chapters with a wonderful start I must say. The chapters aren't just brief info filled notes, they are letters a mom writes to her baby about her experience all through her pregnancy. That's why the book is named so. The mom shares her beautiful moments with her baby as letters. This makes the book unique from others.

The author starts every chapter with the mom addressing her unborn baby, as "Dear Baby". This is the most interesting aspect that kept me reading the book till the end. The first chapter/letter starts from (or about) week 6 of pregnancy when a women confirms or gets to know that she is pregnant. The beautiful part that I loved in this chapter is where the women plans about how to announce or let her man know she's prego and how her man finds it out. The end of every chapter the mom bids a ending note as "your loving mama" which is really cute and proves to be a real loving letter. Then the author gives some valid, upto-date detailed information to the readers under the part "baby notes". Here under the baby notes the author gives the needed details and tips for the week. And ends the chapter with a small box titled "My space" for the reader to jot down notes. 

The author continues to write about week 6 to week 40, discussing each and every week in single chapters as letters and baby notes. 102 pages of the book covers all about a full term pregnancy

Then comes the after birth chapters, where the author makes the mom address her born baby as Dear Anjali. (I loved this part as it flashed across my most favorite scene from a Hindi film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where Rani Mukerjee addresses her daughter in her letter as Meri Pyaari Anjali; thats a beautiful scene very similar to this part). Every necessary detail is brilliantly written and conveyed to the readers clearly. In this second part the author discusses about how to look after a baby, what to feed the baby, changes in baby's features and activities, how to understand a baby's language and the baby's week-by-week development upto the first year i.e week one to week 52. The book comes to an end in the last chapter where the baby grows to become a 3 year old kid going to a nursery school. The end note almost reminded me of a fairy tale ending "And they lived happily ever after". There are many more details penned by the author here, that every new mom should know. There are even chapters about how to deal with stress after a pregnancy, aka postpartum depression. Finally the appendixes covers topics about antenatal exercises, post natal exercises and an immunization chart. 


The entire book covers all topics variably that every pregnant women and new mom might need to know, I would give an overall rating of 99%. The only thing that bothered me much is, the author does not give much info about high-risk pregnancies nor discusses much about miscarriages that pregnant women should be aware of. Miscarriages these days are the common threats and I believe that when one is aware of it, she might be able to avoid it. Silly mistakes and unawareness has caused and is causing most of the miscarriages I  believe. The author has still given a brief note about these in two places in the book that is fair enough. And I cant call this a negative part, as the author writes a letter to her unborn baby and she can never include a negative thought there nor write about risks that might happen to the baby. But still I think that appendixes could have included about it. 

Yet..these are not down parts of the books, I can still justify that the book is in the positive note, starts and ends positively. Some women or pregnant women in India definitely does not like to be fed with negative thoughts while they are carrying, so I do not take this as a negative part. 

There book stands unique and has the following pluses; 
  • The book is easy to understand, has simple English. 
  • Written in an Indian perspective. 
  • Hard to understand information is conveyed so clearly. 
  • Approach as letters to baby is definitely surprising and is a delight to read.
  • Enough upto-date information about pregnancy and first year baby care are given. 
  • The pictures attached are decent and informative too. 
  • Reasonable price. 
Overall opinion

The book is genuine and cent percent useful, reader-friendly as its written in humble/simple English that any person can easily understand. Every part is written with love and such delicate emotions that you will be able to feel as you read each chapter. Moreover the author does not just stop sharing lovely moments but also gives every single detail that a pregnant women or expectant mother and mom needs to know. Every woman on world would love this book for sure. 

Overall it is an excellent book with a reasonable price and its worth getting one. I really would give a standing ovation for Sangeeta Bhargava for such a lovely book. I really wonder the way how she has beautifully intergrated the letters to baby approach with such hard information; and the best part is she has conveyed what should be conveyed really very clear

The author has written two other books too in a different niche so check them out at her website and grab your copies today. To know more about Sangeeta Bhargava click here.

Rating4.5 / 5 

The book costs around 295 Rupees and its the best book I have ever seen at a reasonable rate with  all with all details you need. I would say its more than a guide that every pregnant women must have. 


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  1. awesome review divy.. u hv given detailed review.

    sangeeta wud surely love this

    also one thing
    this book is available on flipkart and amazon sites

    u can get the book from there

    1. Thanks Meenu without you this review would not have been possible. And yes have updated the flipkart link :)

  2. forgot to mention about couponation site

    i always read abt it wondering how it is used

    thanks for sharing that too

    and glad u loved the book

  3. wonderful review,u have enjoyed the book immensly,perfect gift for any to be mom.

  4. Thanks for sharing Divya,well written.

  5. very wonderful review divy... great job...

  6. Beautiful review sis :) I think I will order one soon. Really if a lovely person had not vouched for it, I would not think to get a copy. Thanks for the detailed review sis :) waiting to get my copy soon

    1. Thanks akka get it am sure you will love it :)

  7. Such a warm, thorough review, dear thangai, I must praise you for doing a great job!


  8. A very detailed review .. thanks for sharing!

  9. A detailed and wonderful review Divy dear. Useful post! Meenu is truelly a very caring friend to all of us.

    today's post:

  10. wow ...u seem to have gulped the whole book...very nice post and review abt both topics....njoyd reading it...

    "Healthy Recipe Substitution" HRS EVENT Mar 20th to May 20th

  11. nice review divya....loved reading through

  12. A detailed and very well explained review Divya dear. beautiful post! thanks 2 Meenu also.

  13. well done divya...liked the review very much u have succeeded gal keep rocking woth more reviews:)

  14. Great write up da! Enjoyed reading this review, sure useful to many...well done dear! Kalakitta :)

  15. Hi divy

    i m writing this on behalf of sangeeta as she is finding it difficult to comment for some reason

    below words are her msg to u

    I agree with all those who have commented above - this is such a fantastic review, I cannot even begin to tell you Divya, how much I've been touched by the time and effort you have put into this review. It is so detailed and thorough and painstakingly written, that I've been clean bowled.

    When you said you'd write a review - I was hoping for a few lines, at best, 2 paragraphs, but not this. You are a very generous person Divya and I feel truly humbled. There's no way I can thank you enough


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