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SNC Round Up For The Month Of April & May 2013 (SNC 7 & SNC 8)

Hi friends here comes the SNC results for the months of April and May!! It took a long time for me to post the results due to various issues, but am so glad that all the SNC members gave me good support even in the mean time!! 

To know more about SNC click here!! 

About our members

There are totally 80 (+3 new) members in our SNC family. 

Here is the data for the month of April & May;

April Month's participant percentage sheet

May Month's participant percentage sheet

Hosts Of April 2013

  1. Hetal Acharya on behalf of Northern team 
  2. Shama Nagarajan on behalf of Southern team

Hosts Of May 2013

  1. Nabanita Das on behalf of Northern team
  2. Angel Khan on behalf of Southern team
Thanks to all  four of them for an awesome challenge!!

Winning team of SNC - 7 & 8 (April 2013 & May 2013)

So the winning team for April 2013 is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WITH 75 Points!!! (Vs 70 points)

And the winning team for the month of May is
WITH 75 Points!!! (Vs 65 points)

Please grab the shields and post them on your space along with a link back to the this post!!

Score Sheet

Please keep in mind that the point system here is only for encouraging and fun, it does not mean that any team is superior or inferior to the other!! I have calculated the points based on the judgement and data given by the April month and May month hosts; 

Basic Score Sheet

April  Month Score Sheet

May Month Score Sheet

I have considered the northern team's first entry as quickest entry too, I considered the difficulty level of ingredients availability.. So I have given 15 points for both the challenges!! The hosts of April month and May month have decided the winners for each category and based on their decision I have calculated the points. 


Those who receive your awards post it along with your next SNC challenge post with a link back to this round-up / results announcement page!! It is a must!!

Congrats everyone!!

Hosts Badges For Both April & May month hosts

April Month Hosts

Northern Team Host & Challenger - Hetal Acharya for her super delectable challenge against the Southern team - Khandvi

Southern Team Host & Challenger - Shama akka for her delicious challenge against the Northern team - Karupatti Aapam

May Month Hosts

Northern Team Host & Challenger - Nabanita Das for her interesting challenge against the Southern team - Dhokar Dalna
Southern Team Host & Challenger - Angel Khan for her exotic challenge against the Northern team - Qubani Ka Meeta 

Most Commented Recipe Both For April & May Month

Congrats Priya akka you never miss this badge!!

Well Explained Awards
For April Month

Goes to Hetal Acharya from the Northern team for her well explained post for the Month of April

Goes to Archana from the Southern team for her well explained posts for the Month of April

For May Month

Goes to Avika Nair from the Southern team for her well explained post for the Month of May
Goes to Sristi Mehta from the Northern team for her well explained post for the Month of May

Well Presented Awards

Goes to Latha Madhusudhan from the Southern team and Rumana Ambrin from the Northern team; for the month of April for their delectable presentation.

Goes to Gayathri from the Southern team and Nupur from the Northern team; for the month of May for their delectable presentation.

Quickest Entry Awards

Goes to Priya Suresh akka from the Southern team for both April and May month.
And to Santosh Bangar from Northern team for May month.

SNC Queen Awards

For the April month

Lets see what the host Shama akka says about why she suggested Minnie as the nominee for this award; 
"I wish you to give a special effort award to Minnie gupta for her continuous efforts to make a proper appam after lots of trial and errors . she tried with lots of proportions......"
Congrats Minnie

Sharanya Palanisami recieves April month's SNC Queen award as she has been a very good support right from first SNC event, she keeps participating consistently and it has been a very big support for Southern team as well as the SNC.

For May month

Asiya akka & Priya Suresh akka receive May month's SNC Queen awards as they have been a very good support right from first SNC event, they keeps participating consistently and have been a very big support for Southern team as well as the SNC.

For the may month I have given both the SNC queen awards to the Southern team members in order to motivate the top contributors and top members who have been a very big support for a very long time. There are many but still I would like tho appreciate these two members who have been consistent participants!!

Congrats friends

Please collect your badges and post it along with a link to this result announcement page in your upcoming SNC post!!

To check out this month's (June, 2013; SNC 9) challenge recipes click here for Northern team's challenge and here for Southern team's challenge.
Both are super yummy recipes do check them out!!

To join us contact me here!!!


  1. finally long awaited results
    congrats teams and queens and everyone

  2. Wow, thats wonderful and congrats to both team. Divya am all EEEE here, thanks a lot for ur kind words and awards, this is the first time am getting this much awards, u made my day..

    But am bit sad, U told me queen na i always want to be princess, queen makes me somewat old..lolzz..just kidding dear..

  3. Heartily congratulation to all member. Well done divya.

  4. Both team member is ROCK !!!!

  5. Great presentation,lovely awards.Congrats to both team award winners and participants. too much for me.. Thanks SNC Queen Divya Pramil.

  6. Congratulation to all member...and Divya new logo looks good...

  7. Congrats to all.You guys rock..

  8. Hearty congratulations to all the winners and participants! Kudos to the host, Divya!!
    Love the look of the awards and badges!! Awesome.

  9. Congrats to all members, lovely roundup Divy dear. Grt effort!

    today's post:

  10. Congrats to all! Lovely round up and I really like the new look of the awards!

  11. congrats all !! lovely round up dear :)

  12. Lovely round up !! Never knew so many awards were given !! Thank u so much and congrats to all the winners!!!

  13. Thanks for the award.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Gr8 event.

  14. Wow.. Congrats to both the teams and everyone who participated!!!

  15. Nice round up divya, congrats to all the winners


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